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"Revel, In...No Matter What The Weather Is..."

I think this past weekend has been the best weekend that I've had in all of 2007!!! Truly it was. Friday night, my creative director, J, for my new book tour came to dinner with me, Jammie & THE BLACKS - we went to my favorite Thai restaurant over in Hollywood, when you come to town I'll take you there. It was a great night, although, I pooped out at the last minute and didn't go to the club - I wasn't prepared. I haven't combed my hair, literally in two weeks!!! Wash it every day, grease it up, but the gel and water have been absent for a minute...hats and the "Dirty Backpack," look.

Saturday - finally I got everything squared away for my 25th Birthday party happening in 5 days! I can't believe that it's finally here. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the 3 cases of Moet that I bought!!! Not to mention that food layout is going to be massive, I can't wait! I'll post the pictures next Monday. (M.D.W. - Will call you back...I just got caught up!) Me & my best friend Reesey hung out after shopping for party stuff later that night and got a little buzz. I am only drinking water this whole week cause I am going to be blitzed from Saturday - Wednesday.

Every Sunday we have a family meeting. Me and my cousins get together and talk about what happened in our lives the past week, eat dinner, gossip, talk shit and bond. Only this time my cousin Mark, who is a month younger than me, showed up! With his three month baby and his babys momma in tow! YIIIIIIKES!

Mark, whom I've talked about before, he's the one that stays in and out of jail - but I love the shit outta him, that's my nigga. I still haven't told him I like boys, but then again do I really need to? I think I will on Friday since he's spending the weekend with me for my birthday...and I know he won't trip, it will probably make us closer...I have my own suspicions..."How You DOIN?" But anyway, it was my first time seeing him since the summer of 05' after he got released from the pen. He's been back in three times since and just got out again in December. I'm really proud of him simply because, he's grown up and every time I talk to him, I see the gradual change. While my family really isn't the type to turn their backs on each other - we are not without past issues, it's good to see him come around and deal with things for what they are worth. I always get excited because whenever I see him it's like we don't skip a beat, it's love and were always excited to see each other. I always think about the times we shared when we were growing up...every Sunday for years it would be the skating rink, funny how life has it's way of bringing you "Full Circle."

Hanging out with Mark capped off my weekend. It made me forget about my ex calling trying to crawl back in my life a week before my birthday. It made me forget about having to wake up and go to work this morning, it made me forget about all the shit in our lives that kept us apart but somehow the very same things brought us together. For a minute I took the time out to revel in the moment...something that we always seem to forget to do.

I have a feeling my angels had something to do with this. Only they know what can make me truly happy when all else is wrong. That one thing is the love of my family.

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That Dude Right There said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed your weekend. I remember those family Sundays back in the day, and I truly miss them.