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I was sooooo sick last night. It was vomit and headache central last night. I was like damn am I pregnant? I slept it off - and finally at three this morning I felt like myself again. But I didn't bother getting out of the bed and crawling to the computer.

But what I do hate is waking up in the middle of a dream or sleep with a hard one. That annoys me, especially when I don't have the strength to jack off and make it go away...

But I'm feeling better. But I did want to let you know that I will be away for the next...who knows. So there will be no show tomorrow. Hopefully I can wrap up this work and I can get everything squared away for the 23rd of May. It's a lot of stuff that needs to be done and coordinated in the next 20 days and hopefully it can happen.

I thank you guys so much for everything. I just need to take this time out to finish all the business stuff for the release of "Full Circle," and get ready for the move in late July and some other personal things...

Oh...and your you tube video of the week: (Work Bitch!)


Pamalicious said...

Ohh My Damn!
He betta do the damn thing! I have watched all his videos. I only wish!

Gotta go find my Vanity Six CD!

Anonymous said...

What's good Trent? I really like your show. Being a black actor from NYC, you raise a lot of issues that I identify with. And you have this crazy ability to accurately explain the issues of them crazy egocentric black men in a matter of 30 seconds. Hit me back.