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Friday Finale 04/06/07

Trent talks boys...


Anonymous said...

oh Mr. Jackson has a stalker. watch out for the crazy men, they are fun at first but you can never leave them. don't let that motherfucker steal my slice of cheesecake you saved me (bitch u better have said me some cheesecake, it was my idea). so what happened to the other 2 boys? hmm, didn't hear to much about them, guess New Jersey won this round of "Flavor of Trent"

iDLg said...

articulation, enunciation, and pronunciation are key with talk cast..a little less #!..#$ expletives would make for nice too..always talk the point..and do not digress into personal matter..
like i never seem to hear your main points..but your key words make me wanna listen..then i'm disapointed cause you don't really say nothing..(trent..i'm not hating just offering some advice..)
peace out bro..