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New Music Tuesday

Just when you thought it was over...Just when you thought the fallout from the Beyonce-adiation was over...the chestnut eyed devil returns for yet another round of overexposure. When I first heard that she was re-releasing her sophomoric jinx "B'day" I gagged, rolled my eyes and continued to binge on tacos from the ghetto taco place. While I give her credit for her work ethic and being like the first artist to record a video for every single song on a CD she still annoys me, she's still mad that LeToya Luckett is no longer an underdog and acutally gave a solid debut CD, she's mad at Jennifer Hudson and she's still annoying. She can perform, she gets over on her looks and her Popeye's chicken greased thighs, she gives it to us in videos, but she still hasn't left the lime light long enough for the kids to really thirst after her like she wants us to. Her, Tina Knowles and her tragic designs not to forget her trunk of lace front wigs and duct tape need to take a seat and retreat back to the Houston cave they call a home and let someone else have their shine. Beyonce we wont forget you - we love you, we're just tired of you. Reinvent yourself, show us your real hair and make up with LaTavia and LeToya do a reunion concert and fire your domineering daddy as your manager and then you can do what you want to do. I've say it once and I'll say it again...TAKE A REAL BREAK before Hollywood makes you take one...we all knows what happened to our beloved Janet Jackson...A WRAP! (And Everyone else on Music World...)

Stand Out New Tracks: Welcome To Hollywood (Thanks To Jay-Z) World wide Woman...even though she rubs it in every ones face she's a fake bitch. The rest of that shit is a snooze fest, I'm still reveling in the remnants of Dangerously In Love...

For some strange reason I was under the impression that Timbaland in all of his thick, hot-dog package-necked spelendour was actually going to provide some type of "Shock Value." I think some of that is due to his first album with his rapping counterpart Magoo, on their debut CD, "Welcome To Our World" when Timbaland, Missy & Company were fresh on the scene and provided some of the late 90's with heavy hitters. I'm realizing that all producers can't be like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or Babyface & L.A. Reid, the ones that provide quality music time and time again. It seems as if Jermaine Dupri and Timbaland can hook everyone else up with hot tracks but when it comes to their own shit they churn out 1 and 1/2 hits and then the rest goes down hill from their. I was totally disappointed at first listen. It didn't surprise me that most of his tracks would be duets with Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberfake - and a few other non-black artists that he seems to be keeping company with as of late although he did hook up with Missy and Magoo but it wasn't the same magic when Aaliyah and Ginuwine where their proteges. I've waited 10 years for him to come out again and I don't know why I was under this haze that I was going to hear what the R&B/RAP fused sound that he helped create in the late 90's would be present on this CD. It's clearly catered toward the other market. I was looking for Static, I was looking for Playa, Missy, Tank, Ginuwine and Magoo - that sound...the same sound that Janet, Jimmy and Terry have. The sound that Mariah, Usher and Jermaine have, the magic that made Rodney Jerkins and Brandy mesh so well. Timbaland definitely has a sound that is unique - but as of late "Ike don't all yo songs sound about the same?"

I roll my eyes and I am holding my breath until Whitney Houston makes her comeback or Janet Jackson tours or Mariah comes out the box one more time and let the hoes have it...which ever comes first.

People who need to give me one more CD with their last good breath:

Deborah Cox (UM HELLO! DON'T LET CLIVE SILENCE YOU!! If Tamia can do it so can u!)
Toni Braxton (please hookup with Jimmy and Terry, they can save you! So can Babyface...)
Faith Evans (Stop following in Whitney's Footsteps and give us music like that 2nd CD)
Tevin Campbell (Dig him up out of the gay grave, we still love him...and he can still SANG)
Brandy (We need Full Moon Part 2)
Chante Moore (Married life needs a break too!)
Rachelle Ferrell (I would love to remember you for what it was, but it's not over yet.)


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kennyking78 said...

AGH!!!! I love the last little rant!!!!!

iDLg said...

yeah..the last little rant, was worth the whole, i ain't really down with too many of them so called maybe Ferrell, and maybe Evans but i liked what u had to say..go boi