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New Music Tuesday

Can I just say that I am thoroughly disappointed with all the music of 2007 thus far, with the exception of maybe Macy Gray, Marques Houston and Musiq.

But I must say that I am THE MOST DISAPPOINTED with:

Karen, Twinkie, Jacky Dorinda. Better known as The "Dynamic" Clark Sisters. They are a timeless gospel classic, most popular for their hits, "You Brought The Sunshine," "Endow Me," and "Is My Living In Vain?" And yes I like gospel music for all of those of you who didn't know.

As I sit here and listen to their undeniably powerful voices and look at their airbrushed back cover for their first CD together in ages - I am left to think, did they really want to do this? Because something is clearly, visibly, audibly missing...missing as in, when I usually see them perform, something in my spirit moves, the way they enunciate, the power in which they saaaaang - the emotion that they stir up...the chill that runs up and down every inch my, your, our spines. You would think by the CD's title, "Live - One Last Time," would be a cumulative review of their greatest hits at least, but we only got a few of their classics, including "You Brought The Sunshine," "My Redeemer Liveth" "Name It & Claim It." But my bigger question is what happened to, "Never Turn Back," "Pure Gold," "My Mind Is Made Up," "Miracle," "Ha-Ya" and "Endow Me?"

But this CD lacked something as big as Twinkie Clark.

There is no doubt that they can sing. But just imagine trying to put back the broken pieces of Destiny's Child (the original members) and see what we come up with. It would be a faster race to finish bills, bills, bills faster than LeToya and LaTavia were put out the group...and that is what you get with this CD. You know what you're use to getting - but you've been bamboozled. Almost like seeing Whitney Houston in concert know she to do nice stuff for us...BUT WHAT SHE GIVEN YOU LATELY???

Although I was glad to see them back - my expectation was as great as Karen and Dorinda's front laced wigs but THE CD WAS WHACK! A total WASTE of my good 9.99. I'd rather watch the you tube video of Holy-Mother Ty Tribbet bounce around and throw his dreadlock weave around or listen to Kirk Franklin talk about how much he beats his midget meat off a day. Instead I'll watch Fantasia, Coko, Lil' Mo and Kiera Sheard cover 'Endow Me' from the B.E.T. Gospel Awards. Better yet, I'll watch the You Tube Video of The Clark Sisters sang a tribute to their mother, Mattie Moss Clark. And since this is their last CD, I don't have to worry about getting tricked them for what they were worth...just as we do Whitney, Brandy, Deborah, Janet and Patti.

Standout Tracks: You Brought The Sunshine, Blessed & Highly Favored


Joe - April 26th
Ne-Yo - May 1st
Mario - May 8th
Bobby Valentino - May 8th
Paris Bennett (American Idol) - May 8th

Ne-Yo and Paris Bennett are gonna come the hardest...hopefully.


Marz said...


I can't wait for Jill Scott's read third cd, because that compilation cd is nothing special. Anyone who purchases good music would have every track except for the two new tracks I believe she recorded. I also want Rihanna's new cd, Kelly Clarkson ( don't front on ms clarkson.), and Lupe Fiasco.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I don't know what crack you are smokin but THE CLARK SISTERS Album is OFF THE CHAIN. Yes they don't have all their classics on this album, but think about it.....they would have to do a WHOLE album of just classics only because there are so many. Additionally, I think it is unreasonable to expect every single great song they ever recorded to be redone on one CD, considering the fact that they recorded over 14 albums. Be realistic. Furthermore, anyone who knows true talent and SANGIN know that with the exception of VERY FEW out there, NO ONE can come close to the Clark Sisters vocally.

kennyking78 said...

The cd is missing something as big as Twinkie Clark?!!! Boy, you are sick! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Honey, stop hatin on the Clark Sisters. They are simply the best
girl gospel group this side of heaven.