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Another Sad Love Song...

well not really...but I was sitting here "wrackin' my brain like crazy" like what do I write about tonight...? But its so funny how one minute you're at the top and then the next minute you're just a figment of every ones imagination. I feel bad for Toni because she should still have a live and relevant career...and I am thinking Vegas was not the outlet for her nor her last place to turn. When you're an official adult contemporary artist always turn to the known hit makers in that crew- Jimmy and Terry...Babyface (sow it back up and return to the roots, Puffy and Mary did it.)

But it's funny how the world can just automatically (me included) knows whats best for you and they're not right there making the decisions with you. For instance someone said to me the other day that the reason why I am not "at the top" is because I don't strive to be...I think everyone strives to be at the top at one point or another, but that is not where I want to be. There is nothing wrong with that. And there are few reasons why I don't desire to be at the top. And not because I can't get there, but it's like, where do you really go from there? I believe in setting a pace - and always being relevant. Why and the hell would I come out of the gate being at the top - then use up all of my time and then what...I have so much more to offer the world than being at the top. No one stays at the top. NO ONE. Look at everyone who has been at the top...Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Madonna, Alanis Morrisette, Michael Jackson...M.C. Hammer. With a track record like that, why strive to be at the top? I don't know Do you get it? I'm not making sense...I am. You get it.

Sometimes...well in my head, I like to think that I have things all figured out. I do. I've brainstormed a whole lot - and everything I've thought up, I've done or have it in the who cares if you're at the top. Hold your place - you'll never worry about falling. I mind my business, I don't live my life looking at people around me worrying about what they are doing - or who book drops first or who's friends with who and all that bullshit. I work hard to get the results that I get - and I do that by being myself and saying FUCK these dumb hoes that push their ideas off on me...

Which brings me to this....I'm gonna sleep on it before I say anything. But I found it disturbing on so many levels, more so because I feel the need to argue a point that doesn't apply to me.

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