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Blah and Bleak

So my paranoia kicked in and I figured someone was trying to off me. Then I guessed it was all of my drug in take that derailed my Saturday morning plans to hit farmers market to satisfy my cherry, pineapple and strawberry craving and to pickup flowers for my mom.

I didn't wake up thoroughly until 4 P.M. after moving from bed to couch, from couch to guest bed to floor to try to find comfort from my aching back and legs - not to mention the throbbing headache that had me incapacitated most of the day.

4 aspirins and a 3 glasses of cranberry juice later, I finally emerged, feeling somewhat like myself missing farmers market and all of the 14 phone calls that came through my cell phone. I didn't get anything done on Saturday, which led me going to the grocery store at midnight and paying 7.00 for some not even sweet cherries...boy was I pissed. I called all my friends and gave away the rest of my weed since I told myself that I was no longer smoking and getting my shit together for the summer book tour. Besides, I am getting ready to start dating again, what man do you know wants to be engaged to a pothead? I sure don't. I already feel like shit, since I've traded my Friday night hangouts with my friends to get high...I need to get it together and deal with my problems the best way I know how. Head on!

The diarrhea spell took over my body and I was on a mad dash to eat banana's and jello...I just looked at it as I sign to really change my eating habits.

Sunday morning didn't help the situation, I woke up to see my uncle sprawled out on my living room sofa, my mom in the kitchen making grilled cheese and my sister running around the house yelling...I didn't bother to say happy mothers day. I had already decided not to get her a gift or acknowledge the day when she called me at 8 am cursing me out two weeks ago. She'll learn to control herself around birthdays and mothers day...she knows who her children are. I felt 1/10 of remorse for her (and why does he keep calling me? He ain't talkin bout shit...) and I asked her if she wanted to get lunch or something. She wanted souplantation, which was perfect because I was trying to get my tummy back in working condition. Then all of a sudden, my neighbor who moved to Texas, but allowed her cult-like, weird son to maintain the residence in her absence came knocking on the door like the police in New Jack City.

I'm not even fake when I don't like people. I just don't speak. But since she's older - and my neighbor, I gave her a pass. Then next thing I knew I was paying for her lunch at Souplantation too. Then all of a sudden I got sick, I felt the bubble of the stomach, headache came back, I figured the body ache was a sign I needed a new mattress - but I was holding out on my move in August before I bought a new one...but it could have been all the positions from the sex I had a couple of nights before. But whatever it was they, the body aches were coming back. So I sat there in agony while my sister played with her food, my mom went back and munched on lettuce 2 times too many, and my neighbor sat and told me woeful stories about life in Austin. Who gave a fuck? I was so thinking about the 32nd floor in my new high rise condo and my date with The Blacks and Douglas in a few hours that I missed because of an emergency family meeting - which was successful.

So now...I just took a motrin, had a bowl of jello and some bananas, just had a talk with my little brother who just finished his first year at Howard and now I am off to sleepy land...long day ahead, Trent Jackson has a lot of planning to do...

oh and thanks Kenny ;-)

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