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Do You Know The Chief?

Morning or afternoon depending on what muthafuckin' time zone yall in. I didn't have anything to say...but I'll say whats going through my head. Thursday mornings are very interesting for me. I am always late to work number one...for some reasons my showers last longer than they usually do. I think it's my anticipation that there is only one more day of the corporate shuffle, not to mention that Stevie Wonder thoroughly entertains me on his "Thousand Dollar Thursday," radio show, which in retrospect, I can't wait until I've reached my definition of success so I can have a thousand dollar Thursday giveaway of my own.

Today is a good day...A fantastic day. A great day. A superb day...I just feel it. Today is a great fuckin' day!!! My shower felt like that white woman did in that herbal essence commercial - ALL OF THAT MOANING and carrying on she was doing. I feel sexier than usual, I look fantastic, I feel great physically - my mind is peaceful. I mean I don't even feel this good after sex or after a tightly rolled peach or grape blunt...or after a bottle of Moet. Natural.

I washed off all the grime harder than usual. I flipped my mattress last night. I changed my sheets. I checked my voicemail after 5 days of hiatus. I am going on a date with a guy that I have been after for a couple of months now...and he digs me, that's the important part. He's smart, he's attractive, he's blunt - blunt to the point where it silences me for a second. He gives me my space and he's taken the last 3 months to LEARN ME. He challenges me on every level imaginable. He hasn't reduced me to being a magic mouth or the potential to be a power bottom or a power top. He has something to say - he's goal oriented, he has focus, he has direction...but that's not why I am happy either. My family is great. My sister is amazingly smart and beautiful. I have a great best friend that knows me inside and out and she's there for me...she's been there since I was 4. I take none of that for granted but that's not why I am happy either.

I finally accepted life...
It's serious...but not really.
When you really look at it...
and think about it...
and you do that...
It all makes perfect sense.
All you have to do is stop.
And look back at yourself. It all comes back to you.
I am in love with myself again.


kennyking78 said...

Well all right now!!! This is the type of post I like to read!!!

Go on with your bad self!

Erica C. said...

Baby.......YOU DESERVE AS MUCH SUCCESS AND LOVE THAN ANYONE I KNOW. I am honestly happy for you and nothing makes me more happier than to see my little brother (in my head)be just that.

You go and do what you have to do!!!!

I love you!!

Anonymous said...

thoughts in prose.