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Sometimes I get in moods where I just want to put on Beyonce and dance in my office...not my day job, but the Trent Jackson Office.

Thursdays is the day that I drive over to my with some of the workers and plot out the rest of my I am interviewing for some new positions on my tour - so hopefully that pans out.

I can't stand Beyonce! I want her to sit her high yellow, chestnut eyed devilish, fire crotch ass down someplace. She is such a train wreck I swear. But I like Freakum Dress...and that other song where she scouted (hi-jacked) Ameries signature Beyonce is such a biter and she wouldn't be successful if it were not for her complexion. YES I SAID IT. BITCH! Who is a true talent in the industry anymore? Who can still pull off RAW talent (vocally, lyrically-stylistically) without all of the hair, makeup, smoke and mirrors? Hmmmph. Question of the day...

I've been getting my shit together. I've been enjoying my sobriety. I've been loving myself again. I've been living my life the way that I should, I've been denying me far too you know what it feels like to come out of a storm, smell the flowers, enjoy the air, stop and listen to the children laugh, and wake up with a clear mind and have the feeling that everything is going to work out?

Anyway, I am about to put on my I-pod and scout people to work for me. I've already found my graphic designer, he's the best...I only want to hire people that I can have longevity with, fuck these hitter and quitters. STAY IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL!!!

I am going to record a special message tomorrow - time wont allow for a full fledged show, but I did want to say something special to all of you guys, something really touched me and I just had to share it!

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kennyking78 said...

You and those dang titles...

Hmm... who could do it without all of the smoking mirrors? That is tough... I really like Goapele, but I don't know if she would even have the widespread appeal if it were handed to her on a silver platter. She is hella talented though.