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Okay, last week, I was having an emotional meltdown, which caused me to give Ne-Yo a shaky (just like my mental state) review, but the CD is great and a good that I see the rainbow in a pristine sky, I can be clear in my review of Paris Bennett's new CD, "Princess P."
She graced us all on American Idol last season, instantly reminding us of a polished version of Fantasia. Right away we were rooting for the girl who had a voice beyond her years and anxiously awaited her debut just as we did Fantasia and LeToya London (let us not forget J-Hud).

We already know that R&B music today is a joke and we are waiting on the right person to come save our ears from this trash and bring us something fresh and a relief from Beyonce (Brandy, Tevin, Deborah, Whitney, Mariah...Miki Howard, Vesta, Stephanie Mills...someone pick up the phone and save us!!!) and it wasn't Paris Bennett.

Remember the scene in, "What's Love Gotta Do With It?" when Tina told Ike, "Don't ALL yo music sound 'bout the same?" Well, that's what scene played out in my head over and over as I wanted to beat the producers ass for overproducing EVERY SINGLE TRACK on the CD. I mean I would rather hear Keith Sweat sing in a steam room high on crack before listening to this debacle of a CD. This is absolutely the WHACKEST CD of 07' in the R&B genre, such a disappointment for a girl who had the potential to become the next big thing...or maybe she didn't that's why she came out with this.

I believe she has talent. I think she can sing. I think she can turn this around and make it work for her...To me singers of her stature need to revisit the producers who made R&B what is was, I'm talking Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, I'm talking Babyface, Shep Crawford, Kashif - songwriters and producers who know what do with raw talent. I think working with any of those guys they will do justice, if not a favor...because they have enough money, some people just want to make good music and those above producers have the track record and the sound to pull it off even in today's shaky R&B market.

I'm so disappointed that Paris had to turn to "beats" and not music to display her powerful vocal ability. I hate it when I see talent sell out...but I mean if you were gonna sell out to try to get the young hip-hop crowd, she missed the key element by staying covered up to her neck...something like Janet Jackson in the Rhythm Nation video.

There are no words for this CD, COMPLETE RUBBISH!

However Paris did manage to pull herself together some what on: Duet, Caught Up, Can't Control Myself and Best Friends (A duet with her mother and Grandmother)

Can someone please tell me why someone authorized this child to cover "My Boyfriends Back." I'm not gonna even talk about Kevin Covias on her Cd rapping...major eye roll and hair-throw for that one...

My review of Bobby Valentino will be up later...


ShawnQt said...

great now I'm even more depressed!

Anonymous said...

you can listen to paris, along with bobby valentino, here:

kennyking78 said...

No you didn't say Kashif!!!!