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New Music Tuesday: A Year of WHACKNESS!!!! -Retracted

So last night. I wasn't feelin' Ne-Yo at all. But I will stand by most of my statments made. I listened to the CD again, on my way into the office this morning and I heard something different. While the C.D. isn't phenomenal, it is something that will get more play than new comments will be in red...

Okay, so it's official. Most of these artists are giving me hot singles and whack Cd's! Joe is the perfect example. We're loving, "If I was Your Man," but we're hating the CD (except for ShawnQT). I just knew Ne-Yo was going to give a CD that I could just pop in and be like yeah, thats what I am talking about (And he did). I wasn't that impressed, initially, but a new listened opened a whole new experience, it was fresh, light even. Just when I was ready to crown him the Teddy Riley of the new millennium - his CD definitely gives me Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall." Do I dare call him Michael Jackson...musically
Nine of the 12 songs were just okay, but when I tuned into the lyrics and paid attention to them as I started at the back of exhaust pipes in traffic - it became clear that this wasn't a sophmorejinx, but a CD that will solidify Ne-Yo's place in pop/R&B music forever, I am granting him a pass - surpassing Usher, into the ranks of R&B Legend Status... nothing to rave and rant about - but I will give him points for his "groove" factor. He has a lot of tracks on the CD that you can just listen to. He's always given that - especially when all we're use to seeing was Chris Brown and I am so mixed on his CD. Upon first listen, I am like UGHHH! HERE WE GO AGAIN! ANOTHER WHACK ASS CD. Then I was like wait a minute, let me stop being so critical and judgemental. While I pride myself on having great musical taste as well as a musical ear, i will say that the 12 track set that boasts great lyrics - wasn't complete trash. There were some tracks that you can tell were inspired by Stevie or gave you the old school R&B vibe ("Crazy featuring Jay-Z) I think I was expecting every track to be a banger and then maybe it was the fact that I was expecting so much more from the young man who is taking responsibility for rebuking Britney and Whitney from rehab back into a salvageableOmarion dance around and look cute (no shade).

While I still play his first CD, there was nothing memorable about this CD, nothing to make me say, ooooh let me play that again (I'm a liar and I don't have a problem admitting to something when I am wrong...I was wrong about this CD. But that doesn't mean I was wrong about the other ones either....). It was just okay songs next to okay tracks (Another lie, GREAT songs next to experimental tracks, that work...somewhat).

While I will give Ne-Yo an "A" for changing up a bit and giving a more pop feel, he played if not experimented with his style especially on track "Sex With My Ex," (which no one should be subjected to) where the melody and tone were all off. I'd rather listen to Keith Sweat while wearing jeans three sizes too small versus listen to Ne-Yo give silent nods to Prince and Michael Jackson one time too many - however he does win points for paying homage to two of the greatest song writers of all time.

I am not giving him anymore than what he deserves. Great Writer, nice voice, okay CD. Come again Ne-Yo. Three is always a charm, just ask J-lo and Janet Jackson. Although I want to give him a pass. I am going to have to let this one grow on me (and it did overnight)

I LIKE, the J-Hud duet, but if this is any indication that this is the kinda material she is coming with, I hope they find something better than that...I need her to belt from her Pussy like Whitney give Circa-Pre Waiting To Exhale... (I still agree, although I like the song)

Standout Tracks on this CD: Make It Work (My Favorite), Because Of You, Crazy, Can We Chill, Do You, Addicted week.


iDLg said...

ya, know, u should make up yo mind; cause this review didn't give a solid feel of wether or not it (the CD) is worth my pennies; since i tried his first one and i think it way too long sitting out in the sun..come on, man, i'd take Amp Fiddler any time over a Chris Brown or Ne-yo..and usher, who'dat..give me a break..
if these 'kids' equal quality R&B today..then we really are hurting..
two cents, don't get in a huff, no hating just opinion..

Unconquerable Soul said...

i've been trying all damn week to get this album... after your review, i'm going to make sure i get it...

i heard the j-hud duet was off the hook!

how are ya?

kennyking78 said...

hahaha!!!! Personally, I like the cd. I hear what you are saying about it though. It has great songs but I think that something is missing in NeYo's delivery. We all know that he is a great song writer, but there is something missing in his vocals. Though his voice is smooth, controlled, and clear, I think that it is bland and forgettable. Unlike the singer and producers before him (Babyface and Raphael Saadiq) there is nothing distinctive about him as a performer.

Tracks I am feeling: Because of You, Can We Chill, Addicted, Leaving Tonight w/J. Hud (vaguely reminiscent of the Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo joint from back in the day), and Go On Girl.