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Sometimes and Finally

I don't know if it's the same for you. But it's the same for me. Right before your blessing comes or a moment that just showers you with greatness, there is this bleak time of confusion. All this shit around you going on. It's like you worked so hard and life happens and you still work hard to get to that goal...and sometimes you doubt yourself or second guess your own ability to complete something.

I go through that. And it's just a great thing to get that vocal, audible confirmation to that silent desire that you've been having.

I can finally move on from the drama that I had last week. This is going to be such a better week, I feel it. I had an okay weekend, in fact I had a great weekend.

Friday was a hectic day at the office. I spent time with my best friend on Saturday and Sunday I had a long talk with the young man I watched grow up. He was my second brother. I've know him since I was 15 and I watched him mature into such a great, solid young man. And in the car last night he told me, "You've taught me so much. Do you realize how much you've inspired me and taught me so much growing up - that means a lot to me. That you were so patient and never judged me and always listened..." I felt like a parent for a second...and I am like wow, could this mean that I am gonna go ahead and go through with this being a dad thing? I need to get further in my career...I'm almost there, which reminds me I had a SUPERB weekend. I met this phenomenal, bright, articulate, attractive young man from New York, that I'll share with you this week. He inspired me so much when I met him, I told him he had to be on my show. He was just amazing and such an inspiration. I'm still amazed....

You know, even though I smoked like 12 blunts, I had a great weekend. I really did. And it only gets better from here. Now that I start much to say, no time to listen...but there is always a B-Side to everything.

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