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i'm so high right now.
as you can see i am not - well, i dont have a show for today. I am moving studios so I will be up and running next week Friday.
i am tired of being the one every one comes to.
my cousin needs a resume.
my cousin needs this.
my cousin begs relentlessly.
but when I need's no.
he was molded when i told him know I didn't want to help him.
then he wanted to wait in my driveway for me.
i cussed his ass out.
then i rolled a blunt.
just before i cussed his ass out - me and my other cousin was just talking about what a leech he is.
then he pops up.

i am so faded.
i almost called my ex last night.
but thats life.
i almost went to jail tonight too.
but i am not ready to reveal that just yet.

but my cousin was molded when i cussed his ass out.
i work hard for my shit - then everyone in my family talks about me
but want to come to me for answers i am gonna start telling their asses bogus advice
except for my sister. she's 5. she's a child - she doesn know yet.
i want her to have it easy
i want her to know that I support her.
and that i'll help her pay for college - cause no one did it for me.
i talked to my older sister last night for the first time in 15 years. she's 21, I'M THE OLDEST. My brother will be 19 this June. Then theres Essence.
it's aiight being the oldest - cause they all look up to me. and they love me , it's okay they come to me. i'm their big brother. i have to look out for them.

my book is gonna be on time.
i am gonna go on tour
and then i am gonna launch my magazine this fall.
i think i will have my book release party at my condo in atlanta
i talk too much when i am high
that was some bomb weed
the mexicans hooked me up tonight.

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