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I Love A Black Woman With A Nasty Weave...

But I can't stand horrible customer service. So on Friday, I went to one of m favorite places, CPK for lunch and ordered their new, to-go/curbside service as I did the two Fridays Prior to that. I always get the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza which is simply fuckin' delish...I always add pineapples.

So I get there and call them, give them the description of my car and they bring out my order. They always bring my food in a nice bag, napkins, bread, etc. This time the asshole bring out the pizza box and that's it. I was so mad. Instead of me going off on his ass and cursing him out and demanding to speak to a manager for his lack of enthusiastically-wonderful customer service, I just took the food and drove off. I didn't feel like getting all loud, even though my day up to that point had been shitty. But that's old...What I like about going through shit, there is always tomorrow to come to...

I spent Saturday figuring out whether or not I was going to my friends surprise party. I haven't been really feeling social - and I didn't want to go to her party because I am a spiteful bitch and she has not only missed my book release launch and my last three parties, but she only calls when she's going through some great horrific tragedy - So I went, but don't think I didn't call her out and remind her that she's never supported me. Anyway, this is my first time seeing her in 7 months...I forgave but not before calling her out.

I guess in the end we have to forgive our friends, because their have been plenty who constantly forgive us. But I hate it when a muthafucka know's their out of line and they want to try and spin it like it's your fault. Hmmpph. Whatever. Life goes on. And at the end who gives a flying fuck....Pass me a blunt.

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