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Something Ghetto Going On....UPDATED


It seems as if the server in which is dedicated to syndicating my, responsible for airing my show is having a problem...AGAIN. These cunt ass bitches, or whoever is behind the scenes over there needs to get their shit together!!! It must be some splaboovian insurgents trying to single handedly ruin me...It must have been something I said. Oh well! I guess when they get their shit together it will work and you'll hear my antics. I can't afford to have my 100 episodes down the drain like that. I need them in one spot...fuckers!!! 100 episodes! That's a lot of fuckin' shit talkin...PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR ME!!! And while I am on shit talking, I just want to publicly state a fact - that is already apparent and obvious as Janet Jackson's nosejob.

THE CAPTAIN IS A DONKEY! The only thing he knows how to captain is that raggedy ass lost ship he's sailing on the sand. I would really hate to see one of his ex-fling-gay lovers-scorned pop up and stab him for spreading his wicked ministry of gays going to hell. That would be a travesty. I propose that all gay children of America carry small vials of ammonia. That way if one of these psychotic presumed heterosexuals pose a false threat then they can empty the contents into one of their eye sockets.

Lets think about it. What if a militia of gay men scorned banned together in common bond and terrorized presumed heterosexuals or what they thought were homophobic men - and started stabbing them...then for thought.


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