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I AM SO FUCKIN' EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!! It is such a relief to have everything done for the new book, Full Circle!

OMG. I you guys don't understand how elated I am right now! I complain a whole lot when I go through shit. But to see the finished product is sooo fuckin' amazing and it surpasses any potential road block that I've faced in me getting to this point! I've worked extremely hard to get this shit done, not only for my supporters - but for me! Writing this book has been a cleansing long overdue and I know that sooooo many of you will be able to relate to this installment of "Maverick's" life. I am excited.

To all of my readers that have continually supported, read, listened - I sooo thank you. I mean that. At the end of the day you guys make it all the better.

All the release dates...
the breakup.
the crying...
the misunderstandings.
the fallouts...

It's finally complete (We'll it's been done since December...but) - now It's time for me to hit the road! LOL...I am about to dance in the middle of my office. Do a Tomkat and jump on my bosses couch!
July 9th my second child will be born:

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Ladynay said...

I'll believe it when my copy is in my mailbox! LOL

I hope my copy is signed *hint hint*