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once upon a time, I thought that I would always be excited about life.
and what it had to bring.
i was excited about growing up
going to college...
i was a boy then - sheltered from the harsh realities of life.

as it unfolded before me,
the more and more i lost my zest for life.

nothing moves me today
no greater than it did yesterday.
i don't look forward to much of anything
since it will probably be a disappointment anyway.


dancehard said...

i need to buy you a copy of "The Secret" boy...lift that chin up! and seize the joys of life! You never know what's in store for you.

Trent Jackson said...

bitch I was depressed for 20 minutes. I'm not one to stay in anybodys slump! I just had to take a shit on my blog and get it outta my system. FUCK THESE HOES and fuck these SICH-U-ASHUNS these HOES put me in. Whens it's all said and done, I WIN...I thought you knew?

kennyking78 said...

Oh... all right. You know I was about to go in and let have, but you seem to have straightened up.