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New Music Tuesday: Kelly Rowland

Lets deal with the facts. Well, lets make it clear, if Kelly Rowland wasn't an alumna of Beyonce's Backup Academy - chances are she wouldn't be here today, not at all a slight, because Kelly has made it clear and apparent that she can stand on her own two feet. She's a different kind of artist with the talent and the mesmerizing factor to succeed. Longevity? Kelly will need to do a lot of work - most of which will revolve around stepping out of shadows of The Knowles Concentration camp. Loyalty is one thing - but breaking the fuck out is another thing, if Kelly wants to be a REAL star like she deserves to be (cause I know she does) she'll have to shake Beyonce and nem like Eddie did Scary Spice. Maybe she should have a chat with Janet Jackson about stepping out of shadows. I've always liked Kelly, but the kids have always slept on her. Her lack of promotion on her first album, which had some bangers, (Can't Nobody, Haven't Told You, Past 12, Love/Hate) caused her lackluster sales...even Michelle sold more CD's than Beyonce's right hand girl. I love Kelly and I want her to succeed just I like I wanted LeToya Luckett to succeed. And her Sophomore effort, 'Ms. Kelly' should get her a lot more credit than she's already gotten.

Beyonce fans get ready to clutch your House Of Dereon Pearls. I give it to Beyonce, she gives the kids a show a la 'Snap For The Kids,' however, I prefer Kelly over Beyonce any day! Kelly doesn't feel the need to over sing and over do everything. She does her thing and keeps it pushing. In my heart I know she's content, but she's not. There is something inside of her waiting to be unleashed - the day that her and Beyonce have a fallout, Beyonce better run, because I know KELLY CAN GIVE MS. B a RUN FOR HER CHESTNUT-EYED money. (Who humbly gave Ne-Yo his props after called out. This is all the indication that I need that Beyonce is scurred...cunt)

'Ms. Kelly' is put together well, but it almost seems as if she was purposely given scraps from Beyonce's plate. But she took the scraps and made them work. She sounds great, the lyrics are great, the production complements and doesn't overcompensate for a lack of something...she has all the elements to make it and her CD has all of the classic trappings of modern day R&B music: the love & relationships factor, the chill/relax factor, the hood factor and the 'bangin' track factor. Kelly sings, she doesn't have to convince you or try too hard that she's a singer.

While my only complaint is that the CD was way too short. Did she get tired over the last two years that this CD has been in limbo? (Well, there was a breakup...) I was left wanting more Kelly!

My only wish is that she sales big and comes out from behind Beyonce. Because there is nothing bad to say about this CD. It's a pop in CD that you can play before the club, some of the songs can be played to get you in the fuck, clean the house, chill and play in the background at your weekend-summer mixer.

My Favorite Tracks: Like This, Ghetto, Every Thought Is You, The Show.

But once again, the CD is an absolute play need to skip tracks. Oh yeah Kelly needs to take a note, never perform behind a lip-synching Beyonce while you're out of breath from a wedding like aisle march on national splaboovian T.V.


Darian said...

Loved the review Trent. I also want Kelly to do well. Like you I'm hoping she will take Janet's lead and let Joe Jackson/Matthew Knowles go and get with new management that will really increase her star status.

I can't wait to get my hands on her cd. Can you burn me a copy? lol !!!

Anonymous said...

That was a great review Trent. I will be buying the album. I always felt like she didn't or doesn't get the true recognition she deserves. Hopefully this album will help with that.