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Witty Wednesday 7.11.07

Trent closes out his 3rd season with a mild exit and comes up with tons of explanations.


Phoenix Banks said...

1. On the toilet huh? You are a mess!
2. Stop using "MF"! You and your potty mouth! You almost sound like me! SMILE
3. Don't change anything about yourself to contort to these DONKEYS!!!
4. Mario is Mine B****! Back off!
5. You and this PURSE are about to take me out!
6. That SHOUT OUT was WEAK!!! LOL!
7. I wonder who you're talking about...MESSY QUEEN! LOL!
8. You are NO VIRGIN!!!
9. You are signing my damn book!
10. Congrats on your 3rd season closer!

Love Ya!

kennyking78 said...

Go T, get busy!!! Another season down!!!!

Umm, you are mad about the book, hunh? Keep it together.

Thanks for the shout out. You really are a genuine guy. I appreciate your presence in my life.

LaSunset said...

Hahah! you are a fool. I love it