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so i haven't written anything in days.
ironically enough I am challenging myself to write a new book.
while laying back letting this fan circulate to keep my face dry...i hate sweaty faces.

i am thinking about the jamba juice worker that flirted with me and gave me a free jamba juice.
i wish my ex would leave me the fuck alone.
i wish people would shut the fuck up about their problems, especially since they asked you for advice and they didn't do what you said.
i hate dumb ass people who know they're stupid and they've done some moronic act and they act like they aren't at fault...
i can't stand it when people create drama just to see people worked up.

am i the only one that is enjoying star jones?
i am going to bed now...I have to be up at the studio and lunch with my publicist.


No4real4real said...

Yo I love Jumba Juice but I would rather have a hook up at Pinkberry but it hasn't happened yet. The damn line be so long they be rushing me to pay and get out their face. I need more face time at that place.


Anonymous said...

Trent, you need to relax.

The Captain said...

Well, if you can't keep up, then it wasn't mean to be.

kennyking78 said...

I am LOVING some Star Jones!!!! I hope others are tuning in!