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Is there something else I can get you?” He asked with an intense yet calming, but alluring gleam as his eyes met his.
“A stiff drink.” He replied calmly, unmoved by his dimly lit flames silent, but obvious actions.
“I don’t have any liquor. But I have something else that’s just as stiff.”
“That would explain that.” He replied pointing to the slight bulge in his pants.
Sensual to the touch. But the firm, masculine grip solidified his passive, yet dominate projection of self onto the usually silent, but always observant, tall, slim coy, visually cunning man – who had finally been baited by the shy, persistent man, who always laid his cards out, but just when you think you had him beat, he pulled out an ace or joker, something like his dick, that always threw people for a loop.
He fell to his knees in submission in a desperate move to please the one who was almost never satisfied, since he pulled out prematurely. Still stiff like the requested drink that had never been poured.

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