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Friday Finale 9.28.07

Trent closes another dramatic week in his life

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i knew from the first moment I met you...that there was something about you.
it grew beyond the moment shared.
it was an extension in time.
and the minutes past that we experienced in the present were more than moments in my mind.

they were sensual interactions that always felt right.
i knew where i belonged.
the thought of you,
immediate laughter.
touched by the sun,
i smile in it's comfort and warmth that are almost like the touch.

intimate we've always been.
just now acting on the foundation thats been in place.

we learn from another.
we speak a language that we only understand.
a connection not to be broken
but broken
that makes me worry.

i go back and forth
grapple with...this..that.
are you the one?
time will tell...
'cause...I'm under
your spell.


Witty Wednesday 9.26.07 (The 600th Post Edition)

Trent talks raising kids, dating and other shit. This episode features music from:

Keyshia Cole - Fallin' Out
Rahsaan Patterson - No Danger
Chaka Khan - One For All Time
The Dream Ft. Fabolous - Shawty Is A Ten

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New Music Tuesday...

So...7 CD's in one day. I'm not ready, and neither were the artists since most of the stuff that came out today, didn't really live up to it's hype or my expectations...lets get on with it.

Jill Scott, "The Real Thing, Words And Sounds Vol. 3" - A slip from grace...

Jill, Jill, Jill. I remember when she first came out. The Neo-Soul movement was at the forefront. Erykah Badu led the pack and with it came Jill Scott and The Roots (who had always been there were a household name...) I liked Jill not only because she told a real story and didn't perpetuate any scenario we had seen before, but she was herself - that was refreshing to see. 4.5 albums later, I'm seriously questioning her authenticity as an artist. That is a harsh comment to make - but one would as the question, "What happened?"

Certain artists, you expect to get a certain sound, quality, a certain product. Jill has been consistent in her formula - and it is such a horrible catch-22 because fans want the same formula but a different sound, and artists want to go a different direction while still pleasing fans. Jill went totally left and threw me for a loop. She had me in the middle of the Sahara in the summer with an empty canteen!!! I am rather disappointed in this CD. It's like girl, I'm sorry it didn't work out between you and your man, but you would think that would make some of the best music...not this time. I don't even know what to say about this. Nothing grabbed me, nothing told me to listen to it again, nothing said, "DAMN I KNOW THATS RIGHT!" it was just like she went into the booth, talked and nothing made sense and said here's the CD.

Now, what a contradictory hypocrite I am, not to discredit her talent...this just didn't do it for me. This CD to me was "D" quality. I guess every artist has to have a whack CD
Tracks: Insomnia, Whenever You're Around.

Queen Latifah "Trav'lin' Light." - I know how to hold your attention.

Queen Latifah is back with her second jazz standard set - and if you need a mellow escape with some red wine and a soothing bath, then Trav'lin' Light is the CD for you! If you attempt to listen to it in the car on a road trip, you're going to fall asleep and careen off the road, because it is just that it should be used for resting purposes only. Great CD to go to sleep too! NO SHADE WHAT SO EVER! The thing I like about Queen Latifah is that she knows what works for her - and she maximizes it to her advantage. Although she doesn't get the "hype" that everyone else gets but something is to be said for a rapper that's able to flip and go mellow! Queen Latifah is one of the classic examples of versatility, she can be butch, fem, rap, sing, act, give you glam and turn right around and give you man in a mug shot! BEYONCE can't do that!!! I give this CD a B and THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP
Tracks: Georgia Rose, I know where I've been, I'm not in love, How Long (Betcha got a chick on the side)

Chaka Khan "Funk This" - The (mainstream) Return of the Legend

hat I love about legends is their ability to continually record music while staying true to the things that made them who they are 30 years later. Imagine for a second if Whitney Houston came back with a CD of ballads/hits just as she did with her first three solo CD's, well that's what this CD is for Chaka. She sounds great! The music is a very remnant of her Rufus days - she truly returns to the funk/soul/R&B vibe that is made current to fit today's sound/market. Chaka went completely in on this CD making it known that she was still around, still relevant and able to make great, real music. This CD tells me, it's not about sales, they would be nice, but artistic integrity was the key ingredient here and that was great to experience! Her voice is on point, her music is on point, the production is the best and so is her cover of Princes' "Sign 'O' Times! This CD is definitely A quality and of course THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP!
Tracks: One for all time, Back In The Day, Angel, Disrespectful, Hail To The Wrong

Keyshia Cole "Just Like You" - A timeless hood classic

I really hate comparing artists to one another - but you can't help notice the similarities between Keyshia Cole and Mary J. Blige. But I must say, what it took Mary to do in 10 years, Keyshia did it in a year even it is studio magic...which I doubt, because the last live performance I saw her in, she was on point. What ever voice teacher she had, whatever or whoever was the driving force behind her new sound is classic. This album has crossover success written all over it. Remember Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" CD? It had a very raw, street sound to it, backed by classic music and those ballads that shocked everyone, because we knew Monica could sing, but had no clue Monica was that hood - but that's the vibe that Keyshia gives on her new CD, except she's a bit polished an poised than the first time she graced us with her presence. She has amazing ballads and mid-tempo songs that make any naysayer turn their head and say, "That's Keyshia Cole?" YES! It's her! I liked Keyshia's first CD, but the second CD tops the first one lyrically, vocally and musically. I have no doubt that she'll beat 'Sophomore Jinx' and take a spot in the top 10 next week. I give the CD a B and of course THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP!

Tracks: Fallin' Out, Shoulda Let You Go, Work It Out, Heaven Sent

Jagged Edge "Baby Makin' Project" - Talent...missing

One of my favorite groups of all time is Jagged Edge. They even have a special playlist on my I-pod. I'll keep this one brief. So I have four things to say,

1. Why is this CD out?
2. Remember them for what they were.
3. Will they ever make it back to their gold place in R&B history?
4. Even if they did, would anyone besides me care?

Tracks: Get This, Way To Say I Love You.

Will.I.Am "Songs About Girls" - Individuality Conformed

I admire Will's individuality 1st. But the thing that has always bothered me are artists who turn producers who turn solo artists. Something just doesn't work with that mixture. I mean we enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas, songs for a minute...but all the material on this CD sounded like songs that didn't make their reunion CD that won't happen because Fergie is somewhere being Fergalicious. I don't think I can really get into him, because these are songs about girls - and clearly the only thing that mean and girls can do is talk about men...

Not only that, this CD is lacking something. Real instruments maybe? Everything is so digital, synthesized and it's kinda annoying, but I did manage to get a few spins out of the CD...they wont be visited after today...

Tracks: Over, Heartbreaker, Fantastic

Rahsaan Patterson "Wines & Spirits" - Clearly Under The Influence

There are a few artists that I will purchase on name alone, Rahsaan Patterson is one of them. I first fell in love with him in 1997 when he had the blond fro'...I've followed his great, rich, musical career from the start and I must say that I was so amped for this CD - but it left me confused. I am like do I have to be under the influence of wines and spirits to thoroughly enjoy it?

I mean, I can expect to put in a Rahsaan CD and immediately bump - upon first listen I felt as if I was stuck in the opening credits to Sanford and Son then beamed to Bootsy Collins house for a acid party that turned into a trip gone from bad to worse. Then after two shots of Patron I understood what was going on... I don't want to be drunk to enjoy music, yes it sounds better, but maybe I have to be in that realm or element to really see whats going on. Rahsaan has always been one of those artists that had no definition because he was so vast there was no need to try to define that. He's one of the very few artists that exemplifies if not transcend the very word itself.

It's hard for me to say if I like or dislike the CD. It is clear there are some elements of Rahsaan that I recognize, while others I am just meeting them for the first time and it's hard to form an opinion about someone you just met...but I am enjoying his cover of Sade's 'Stronger Than Pride.' One day I would love to hear Rahsaan cover, Chaka Khan's 'Stay.'

So I'm sitting on the fence on this one...but there are some great tracks to enjoy.

Tracks: Feels Good, Higher Love, Stop Breakin' My Heart, No Danger, Stronger Than Pride


Witty Wednesday 9.19.07

Trent talks, O.J., Star Jones, Phil Spector, baby naming and his crushes.

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La...La...La-La Wait Til I get my money right...!

At the height of 3 p.m. I laid there. Wishing things would get better. Hoping for a more rapid end to the problems that have seemed to stacked their odds against me. I want some type of semblance of happiness somewhere. But as the sun blazes the darker my day gets.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number that has not changed in the 25 years that I've been alive. She always sounded the same. And every time I spoke with her, the more and more I realize that people only do what they can. Or do they?

I always wonder or think about why people don't take the opportunity in front of them or do they really make a conscious effort to stay caught up in the same cycles? Was I apart of this too?

I asked her flat out, "Why do parents lie to their children?" I was raised, tricked even to not like my grandmother. I was told things like "She's broke," or "She doesn't send birthday gifts," "She has a degree why doesn't she have a better job?" and the classic, "She didn't inspire her kids to do anything."

My mother has always invested so much time in making sure I didn't like the same people she didn't like - for no apparent reason. She always trusted the people that didn't make me feel comfortable.

Listening to my Grandmother - listening to my mother, I can see things clearly. But after putting two and two together life made sense...something for my own knowledge.

"Are you high?" she asked me.
"Reefer?" Today I replied.

My father died at 29 from drug related drama. Not an one speaks about it, but I believed he owed him money. 29 is in 5 years for me.

I think about my father a lot. He's a mystery. We share the same thing. I know nothing about him. No one talks about him, except for "He was a great guy," "You would have liked him." Drugs took him down...I've already been my mother and I don't want to be a man I don't know.

He came to me one night. More than that. I was so high I cried, because I knew that I was going to die that night. I drove home, scared out of my mind. I told God that night, that if I got home I would never do drugs again. That was three weeks ago.

But having that conversation with a mother, my Grandmother who lost her son to drugs and things that are probably difficult for her to talk about - pleaded with me to stop. I was coming down and I told her I would. Because I didn't want to be my father, the man I know nothing about.

I don't owe the pusher anything. I pay my balance in I called my best friend over and I told her today was the day that I quit.

I can't continue to live my life in chaos. I have to be strong for my 5 year old sister, who has already figured out that her parents aren't worth shit in the toilet. I can't care for her high. I have fans that I have to go sign books for, I refuse to do that high. I have a life to live that is bigger than me and I can't lead that life high.

Although I've been going through the hardest period in my life. Loosing money (not drug, loosing friends, not being able to trust anyone, examining the bullshit that has been pumped into my brain, putting out a book, deviating from the mediocrity that has been set up for me.

I have outdone everyone in my family.
I have a lot to be proud of.
Two books at 25.
Working on my 4th.
A successful company.
Working on launching a non-profit scholarship fund.
I am real.
I am successful.

It's time for me to move the bullshit to the side and walk in the light that I DESERVE to be in.
I am tired of being tired.
I am tired of being high.
I am tired of interacting with these fake ass bitches.

La la la la...wait till I get my money right...

It's time to step up and be the great people that we are....
and thank you DH for being who you are, sharing your story and helping me see my power and stepping back into the light. Just when I was ready to walk away a simple statement made my day.

we're all here to learn from each other.
everything happens for a reason.
everything falls into place when it is supposed to.


Witty Wednesday 9.12.07

In The Mix With Trent!

He's Outrageous! And he know's what you're thinking!

Today Trent talks about his hiatus, Kanye West, his friends, Britney Spears and a few other things!

Enjoy! -- Trent Jackson

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KANYE v. Fiddy

A few weeks ago, when I was made aware of the Kanye/Fiddy duel I knew immediately who I was going to vote for: Kanye. As far as who will out sale who? I have no idea. I would like for Kanye to win - but he picks the wrong time to throw tantrums...he could have waited until after today to say anything crazy...but honest.

I am not afraid to admit my fascination and all out admiration for his style, his individuality, his artistry - and of course his brash commentary about everything. In my mind, Kanye is the mainstream Common. I think if Common had more personality - and was a little bit more excited and amped up about something, he could have the mainstream success he may not necessarily wants but wouldn't turn down if the chance came.

Kanye represents a new branding of social consciousness, while Fiddy perpetuates this negative cycle of systematic, ill-bred street life that I am quite tired of. If anything Kanye West is consistent in speaking his mind, sharing his opinion, challenging thought - and it is good to see someone in a position to make you think while being able to be a mainstay in pop culture. Fiddy is always talking about how many times he got shot, how many drugs he pushed and blah blah about something new please!

The "Curtis" Album upon first listen is like, here we go a-fuckin-gin! Now mind you even though I am an R&B boy, I know good music when I hear it. There is nothing new - 50 Cent has not evolved as an artist, businessman yes, artist no. What I heard today was the same thing I heard on his debut CD. The tracks sound as if they were taken from his debut recording and stashed for 5 years. If that doesn't turn you off maybe the repetition of his content, the only constant in his music, will. He is just another rapper that talks about what he has, how much he's worth and how much he wants to party - and to think this is great rap music!! I am coming out with a Rap CD! I want to wear a pink shirt, a glitter sash, and some black boots on the cover - just to let these fools know what I have to, a bag full of gay fairy dust to sprinkle on these fools to give them some variety and creative material, cause the shit they putting out today is not even worth the gum on the bottom of Beyonce's Jimmy Choo boot. Even though 50 cent has provided great songs in the past, I've never been one to understand what all they hype was about. The nigga is like a cat, he can survive being shot 9 times or whatever and still make a comeback. Great that's fine, but when you make statements like "If you out sale me, I'll retire," put out a great record that's equivalent to Michael Jackson's Thriller or else prepare to stay in the house and trick off your money on niggerish items. Although the album boasted heavy hitting guest appearances like Mary J. Blige and Robin Thicke they didn't even give any luster to an already lackluster CD.

Standout Tracks (The only decent tracks mind you) I Get Money, Ayo Technology, Follow My Lead.

It all started with the sample of Daft Punk's (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger) In which ShawnQt SOCKED IT to the kids in a dance rendition of Daft Punk's version. But when I heard Kanye's Song "Stronger," it resonated with me so hard, I had to pull over my car and really take into perspective what was really going on in that song and within me. "Stronger" is an intense song, musically, lyrically profound simply challenging you to keep going in spite of. I appreciate Kanye West in so many ways, on so many levels. But I think when he became my hero is when he said, "President Bush doesn't care about black people." No one has ever had the unmitigated gall to say something so honest and true that spoke to EVERYONE! But then to have socially conscious music that challenges people to be better, and still stay mainstream!!!! Yeah they will shade you at the awards and not give you credit for what you contribute - but at the end of the day Kanye affects us all in a good way and his music reflects that.

Kanye really has grown as an artist. You can tell from the start that he pushes himself and expects the best from himself to make the best product possible. You can't do anything but admire someone who wrote a song and then recorded the song with their mouth wired shut - how many of us would have done that? Has Fiddy recorded a song after being shot? I mean Shyne was on a jail pay phone when he recorded a part on Usher's 'Confession Remix' so...I mean come on. The new sound that Kanye brought is remnant of the 80's rock and modern day electronic music - with the dominate bass-line element of hip-hop. THIS CD is the bomb! There are only a few hip-hop/rap artist that I buy or support on name alone. Kanye West will be added to the list of D.J. Quik, Ice Cube and Ludacris.

Lyrically Kanye delivers so tuff I couldn't even really pick tracks that I liked more than the other because he was just raw and real about everything in the world today. The messages and stories that he gives are so personal and everyone can relate to them. Kanye makes music that not only feels good but it truly does inspire change. On tracks like "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" where he talks about black role models that we had in the media and how one way or another they were bullshit because when they got their money - they sold out.

The CD has guest appearances from T-Pain who we can always count on for a hot hook, Mos Def and the light-skinned great Al B. Sure! Who is recording under the name Al B. Back...I'm sure Kanye had something to do with that one.

I want Kanye West to win this challenge not only because of his musical genius but because he DESERVES IT. He's worked hard while inspiring change - not inspiring a bunch of bullshit and hypocrisy.

This CD gets the TRENT JACKSON STAMP OF APPROVAL and it should be purchased immediately!!!

Stand Out Tracks (Top 5) Stronger, Good Life, Flashing Lights, Can't Tell Me Nothin', The Glory.


Truly Blessed.

In the past two weeks, I have been tried, tested and have been under the most pressure in my life. I've experienced a whole lot in my 25 years. So when I tell you that this is the most that I've ever had to bend, know I am not kidding you.

Early this morning I got up and recorded a video expressing my utter disdain for life...and after grappling with the idea if I was going to post it or not - and re-examining things around me, I decided I would, but I wanted to write something too - just to get my wheels greased again.

I've done nothing. I've watched my life go from okay to horrible. From being able to do, to not being able to. I've gone from manging a habit to being a full blown addict. I've watched my mother continue to make horrible decisions that negatively affect everyone. I've watched my five year old sister act in class because she was a victim of sexual assault, which started this out of control spiral two weeks ago. I've watched my friends betray me. I'm flat out broke - I've never been broke in my life. I haven't had a day job in two months. My new book almost went into shambles because I wasn't able to get my shit together enough to get my show on the road when I was supposed to. I've had someone stalking me, leaving me notes and pictures in my car of me and my friends in intimate places. I've had to deal with all of this alone. While I don't know how I am going to pay that bill, or make it to that event because there isn't enough gas in my car - or take my sister to school, make or buy her lunch. Everyone is just looking at you, because they are so use to coming to you when they are down. Everyone wants to run to me...but who am I to run to? I laugh now - because the tables will turn...I laugh now, because just when it gets worse, it gets better again. It's also clear, that right before your breakthrough an blessing, you go through a storm.

Three people came through for me. My best friend, who is always there for me, who I am sure gets tired of hearing about bullshit...does what she can when she can do it. But I always have to remind her that she doesn't live my life, she only hears about it...that makes the difference.

My Uncle, bless his heart, who is over in Iraq, trying to stay alive himself, has kept me a float throughout the years. He single handedly has changed my life for the better, even when no one in my family cared to listen.

And Jammie, who understands the simplicity and the complexity of life - and that is a wonderful balance to have. Saw with his own two eyes, the demise of Trent Jackson right before his eyes...he was visibly disturbed...He may not understand what he did for me yesterday, but it totally changed my life. He took me to lunch - and I can count on one hand, people who I called my friends who have taken me to lunch and paid for it and not that, that even matters, but when you are 6 feet below the ground, it makes all the difference in the world. I do that for my friends all the time, and no one ever reciprocates that. A simple gesture literally moved me to tears. So Jammie, thank you for what you did - and understanding that I am not AT ALL a complex person - people make things more than what they have to be.

And my final note, I can't stand a muthafucka who hasn't experienced life - and has everything handed to them, they have no clue - and may the force be with them, because when their world comes crashing down, they won't know what to do...and when the tables turn, I will be the one that gets to watch.

You should appreciate the people in your life while they are there. Because once they are gone, there is no going back.