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Friday Finale 9.21.07

Trent gives it to us video style


Anonymous said...

New Flash,,, You are over the top also. In a different way (Maybe) but you definitely not doing anything differently... You're so random... why? But anywho.. entertaining I guess.

Trent Jackson said...

I love an anonymous comment.
I love a person who ATTEMPTS to make you think otherwise about who YOU ARE.

Anonymous said...

Its just an opinion,, no need to change the way you feel about Yourself. Not a good look. However, just know that you too come off as a bit much, A lil Fem. Like the same people you mentioned. You can reject the opinion, you do have that choice. NO BIGGY (well), Do You.

ShawnQt said...

Funny people are over the top, but I think that what Trent was saying is that they come off as characters even if they are like that 24 Seven... Trent wants to give you over the top, but real and down to earth as will. I don't think he will end up in drag or anything, but hey you never know! lol.

Trent Jackson introduced me to youtube, and I will say I was one of the original Bloggers to add video to my blogs, so all thanks to Trent for that... and its about time you do one as well!

Anonymous said...

Over the top in a real down to earth way, HOW by being himself? That just proves my point. He is as over the top as any of the other video bloggers he just threw shade at. If he can't take criticism then maybe he needs to delete the comment portion of his blog. I am not even saying be over the top is a bad thing, by why knock someone else if you doing the exact same thing.. just dressed up a lil differently..

Anonymous said...


Behind every successful person there are always a flock of haters. You can't please everyone. Continue to be who you are and do what you do, that is why they are who they are and you are who you are.

If you don't like Trent, then go watch who he was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Why do people assume an opposing opinion is hate? A bit childish don't you say? That person didn't say anything about not liking Trent.

Justsoukno1 said...

Is Trent a hater too?