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La...La...La-La Wait Til I get my money right...!

At the height of 3 p.m. I laid there. Wishing things would get better. Hoping for a more rapid end to the problems that have seemed to stacked their odds against me. I want some type of semblance of happiness somewhere. But as the sun blazes the darker my day gets.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number that has not changed in the 25 years that I've been alive. She always sounded the same. And every time I spoke with her, the more and more I realize that people only do what they can. Or do they?

I always wonder or think about why people don't take the opportunity in front of them or do they really make a conscious effort to stay caught up in the same cycles? Was I apart of this too?

I asked her flat out, "Why do parents lie to their children?" I was raised, tricked even to not like my grandmother. I was told things like "She's broke," or "She doesn't send birthday gifts," "She has a degree why doesn't she have a better job?" and the classic, "She didn't inspire her kids to do anything."

My mother has always invested so much time in making sure I didn't like the same people she didn't like - for no apparent reason. She always trusted the people that didn't make me feel comfortable.

Listening to my Grandmother - listening to my mother, I can see things clearly. But after putting two and two together life made sense...something for my own knowledge.

"Are you high?" she asked me.
"Reefer?" Today I replied.

My father died at 29 from drug related drama. Not an one speaks about it, but I believed he owed him money. 29 is in 5 years for me.

I think about my father a lot. He's a mystery. We share the same thing. I know nothing about him. No one talks about him, except for "He was a great guy," "You would have liked him." Drugs took him down...I've already been my mother and I don't want to be a man I don't know.

He came to me one night. More than that. I was so high I cried, because I knew that I was going to die that night. I drove home, scared out of my mind. I told God that night, that if I got home I would never do drugs again. That was three weeks ago.

But having that conversation with a mother, my Grandmother who lost her son to drugs and things that are probably difficult for her to talk about - pleaded with me to stop. I was coming down and I told her I would. Because I didn't want to be my father, the man I know nothing about.

I don't owe the pusher anything. I pay my balance in I called my best friend over and I told her today was the day that I quit.

I can't continue to live my life in chaos. I have to be strong for my 5 year old sister, who has already figured out that her parents aren't worth shit in the toilet. I can't care for her high. I have fans that I have to go sign books for, I refuse to do that high. I have a life to live that is bigger than me and I can't lead that life high.

Although I've been going through the hardest period in my life. Loosing money (not drug, loosing friends, not being able to trust anyone, examining the bullshit that has been pumped into my brain, putting out a book, deviating from the mediocrity that has been set up for me.

I have outdone everyone in my family.
I have a lot to be proud of.
Two books at 25.
Working on my 4th.
A successful company.
Working on launching a non-profit scholarship fund.
I am real.
I am successful.

It's time for me to move the bullshit to the side and walk in the light that I DESERVE to be in.
I am tired of being tired.
I am tired of being high.
I am tired of interacting with these fake ass bitches.

La la la la...wait till I get my money right...

It's time to step up and be the great people that we are....
and thank you DH for being who you are, sharing your story and helping me see my power and stepping back into the light. Just when I was ready to walk away a simple statement made my day.

we're all here to learn from each other.
everything happens for a reason.
everything falls into place when it is supposed to.


Aunt Jacky said...

As I read your thoughts, I felt compelled to respond. The people you have discussed today with your fellow bloggers are two peolpe I hold close to my heart. I don't usually get the chance to read your blogspot, but for whatever reason today I was lead here. Maybe to read your thoughts or for you to read mine. I don't know. So let's just think it was "supposed" to happen. Your Grandmother, my mother hasn't had what I can call a "wonderful" life. Losing a son, two husbands, and the thought of another son going down a path to who-knows where can only lead some people to "co-exist". It may seem to you and others that her mood and tones are always the same. But for me I can see and hear the hurt in her voice and the pain in her eyes. All the unanswered questions lost in the wind. Your Mother has her own demons to address as well as mine. But I can say I thing for certain when it comes to her heart. She never wanted anything but the best for her children and her grandchildren. no, she's never been that "Grandmother" that has to see you everyday, every year. That's not her. But she has been there for you when she could be. That goes for you and all the rest of the "grandkids". So if you happen to hear a tone that sounds like she's not "feeling" what you're saying. Please know that her dissapointment in what you're saying is making her sound that way. Drugs is not something that she deals with well, and neither is drinking. But she also knows that people will be people. As for your Father, my brother. All I can say is he always did what he wanted to do. He was never that guy to ask "Mom what do you think about this?" He was the free-spirt of the clan, but he always kept his Mommma in his heart. The night you were born the first person he called was your Grandmother. To hear the excitement in his voice made her smile. I should know because I too was there to hear it. The words that she said to him that night was this" You take care of them "T". So with all that said I'll leave you with this. Things are never what they appear to be. Sounds simple enough right?? But it takes so much for peolpe to understand that statement. I love you. Always have and always will.

Keisha Kornbread said...

I Don't quite know how to take this....

kennyking78 said...

No your Aunt Jacky did not take it there! All right for family! Even when you do not want to hear it, they find some way to bring it all back into perspective.

I am sorry that things are all out of whack for you right now, but I am proud of you for wanting to be better.