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Life DOES get better!

I'm here to tell does get better. And even when you think it doesn't, you're reminded that it does.

I think that this past weekend was the best that I've had in a while - simply because I was focused and I spent it alone. I'm a strong believer in divine order - and I am also a strong believer in "If it's to be, it's up to me."

I worked mostly yesterday, I've been like a month behind on packaging and mailing books out, so I finally got the bulk of that done yesterday...and I'll take them to the post office tomorrow since my donkey brain forgot that it was a fake holiday today. Saturday I worked on book tour stuff and went shopping for a new mattress - since something invaded the other one and nutted all off up in the foam and shit...I couldn't take it any longer....

It was productive and I finally saw my life for what it was. Everything happens at the right time...and granted I went through a lot of shit to get to the point where I am able to resume my life, kinda where I left it in July.

I've been trying to get my best-friend to start a blog...I'll keep you updated on that. And I'm madly in love...well kinda, we'll see what happens. It's not quite the time to make the announcement just yet. But I've been single for 10 we'll see how it works. I don't want to talk about him...but it's just so funny how you ask for something, then you get it. It's like, wait, wasn't I just asking for this a week ago...? The gag is, he's Jamaican.

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life said...

Life does get better...what a declaration! Good luck with your new friend