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Mornings At The house of Jackson

My day starts extremely early, especially if it's a day where I am in the studio. Usually 4 am. 6 a.m. the other days. Today was a 4 a.m. day. I went to the studio, recorded the morning segments...I'll return later to finish the rest of it, that's how it's been forever. I come back home get ready for work, wake the kid up, get her to school and off to work.

So yesterday, my sister, tells me that some boy in kindergarten was drawing on her pants and hitting her and doing boy shit to the extreme. Now, in my mind this boy has a crazy ghetto home life - which is something that my sister doesn't have. We live a very low key life without all of the dramatics...well with the exception of her parents, but she's usually shielded from that.
But last night I learn that the boy hit her again. I am a little irritated, I don't know if I said this out loud, but one of the things that I was dealing with recently was my sister being molested by her 8 year old cousin. Yes...molested, yes by her cousin. So you can imagine the chaos...which is why my professional life was put on hold for so long because of court and custody shifts and things, I just had to focus on my sister, since her parents are irresponsible more of the times.

Anyway. I know this has to be confusing for my sister - I know she is going to have an issue with men, if any little boy touches her in anyway, I know she is reminded of what her cousin did. My sister and I have a good relationship, although she is young, I talk to her like I speak to anyone else. I never spoke baby talk to her, it was always normal conversation - and I want her to be bright and intelligent while knowing about life early, so she wont have a ruff time coping like I did, because her parents lied to her about what life is about! No!!!! Won't happen.

This morning I tell her, "Don't let anyone touch you, or hit you, or draw on your clothes Essence. Tell the teacher if someone does."

She replies, "But I told Mr. Woods, but he didn't do anything he just brushed me off."

I responded, "Well the next time the little boy hits you and your teacher doesn't do anything slap him and then pick up something knock the shit out of his ass! That'll teach em."

So she laughs, "Big brother almigh-T don't say bad words! But I'll do what you say."

I don't advocate violence by any means, but no one is to put their hands on you and if they do, they deserved to fucked up, point blank, no questions asked. I have to tell my sister it is not okay for anyone to touch you inappropriately or hit you PERIOD, ESPECIALLY A MAN. I will not lay the ground work for a young Black Woman to be mistreated by men or accept any less than what she is worth. I was a victim of abuse, so I know the fallout from it. I know what I didn't get as a child so I make sure she gets it. My mother was present, but absent, so I know the importance of having someone there when you come home, or to help you do your homework, support your projects, etc - which is the main reason why I haven't moved to ATL. It's not just because I don't feel like it or whatever, my sister and her interest is more important than any condo on the 32nd floor, or books sold or whatever.

I drop her off at school, which I hate doing, because I don't like the school at all! My ignorant ass mom put her in this school that will surely breed dumb children, thus leaving the kids reading, writing, thinking below grade level. My sister is 5 and she is already doing division and multiplication and reading at a 2nd grade level. But she still likes to do the things 5 year olds do.

I know my sister isn't a problem child. She's shy, until she feels you out but then she's friendly, fun...kinda moody and she will tell you whats on her mind. So I know she's not going fuckin' with this little boy, cause if she don't like somebody she just doesn't fuck with them...period!

So sure enough, this morning, not even 30 minutes into class, I get a call.

"Essence, is everything okay?"
"Yeah, but I slapped the shit out of Kenneth, then I punched him in both eyes."
"Essence, where are you and why are you cursing???!!! You're in trouble when I get home!"
"I'm in the principals office."

So she gets on the phone...

"Hi, Essence needs to go home today."

"No, Kenneth needs to go home today. Essence told Mr. Woods what the young man was doing to her and he shrugged her off so I told her to hit him. If you're sending anyone home, it's that whack, lame ass excuse for a teacher and that seed of a little boy down there. If you knew what was good for you, you would not deprive a role model student of an education because she is being harassed. Now if I have to come down there to relay to you in person - there is going to be a bad misunderstanding. Essence will remain in school the rest of the day or I will have social services on you so quick you won't know what hit you, and I hope that we have an understanding on this?"

"Excuse me, there is no need for your attitude or your unwarranted comments."

"As a principal it is your duty to investigate and gather facts of a problem. You need to speak with Mr. Woods and that kid, again I just need to stress to you that I will not allow my child to be punished for defending herself and standing up for what is right. Do I need to come down there?"

"I don't understand why you are being combative and..."

"Well, I hope your child is never put in the position that he/she will be picked on and you have to stand up for them - this is a waste of my time. Please don't call me with this anymore, if you don't want a problem."


someone should warn her not to fuck with a gay man scorned early in the morning....I'll give you an update on the show tomorrow...


That Dude Right There said...

"slap him and then pick up something knock the shit out of his ass! That'll teach em."

My sentiments exactly. This is what my sister told me to do when I was in elementary school. And it worked. The little bastards never fucked with me again.

Now as far as the principal is concerned, I would have just gone a head and hit it down to the school to have a "talk" with her and the teacher.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I wish I would've had you for a big brother growing up...
As it stands...only child.

Granted, I was brought up by my dad and 4 uncles...but I think a big brother would have been nice... at least that's what I have been told.

The Captain said...

And we wonder why kids come to school with guns shooting people at random.