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My Interview With Darian

Some of you know that I rarely get a chance to do interviews...but last night I had a great opportunity to be interviewed by a great friend, blogger/journalist Darian Aaron. We spoke about my new book, 'Full Circle,' my personal life, some of my upcoming projects, and I even got a chance to sling a little mud without getting too dirty! You can listen to the interview in it's entirety HERE...and just in case you missed the memo:

Trent Jackson, who was featured in Clik Magazine was described as "...On the rise to becoming one of the biggest power players that our community has ever seen." Is back with his follow up novel to his best-selling, critically acclaimed, debut novel, "At This Moment," which allowed the reader to have a rhetorical conversation with Maverick Williams (the main character), whose coming of age story is one that examines several social issues and his personal experiences that are a running commentary on his and society's perceptions and stereotypes on homosexuality, race, family, relationships and other aspects of a maturing Black male. On Maverick's trek to find love, acceptance and coming to grips with his own sexuality, he almost never finds what matters the most in life.
In his new novel, "Full Circle," we resume at Mavericks breaking point, where in a feeble suicide attempt, Maverick unintentionally discovers why he allows himself to be entrapped in vicious negative cycles. People in his life seem more like delusional characters in a Prime-time movie than the faithful confidantes he once thought they were. The novel follows Maverick as he tries to pick up the pieces in his life while readers will suspensefully question whether Maverick will allow his past family tragedy, failed relationships, insecurity or new found love distract him from his own happiness. Or will he find all the right things at the wrong time to further push his unstable nature into oblivion?

Find out why everyone must come, Full Circle...

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Diego said...

1) Please do a LIVE SHOW, sounds amazing
2) Your own talk show on Bravo is long overdue
3) Your tendency for self-congrantulatory, self-agrandizing spurts is part of your charm, but chill out. It's been a bit much (as in the last post with quotes that say how amazing and up-and-coming you are. Helloooo. We KNOW you are amazing, no need to say it yourself
4) You've been as great as always, I love the annecdotes about Essence at school
5) Don't you think The Game is a total fag-fucker?
6) Where will you stay in New York, I'm in Soho, we must meet

DIEGO (previously from milwaukee)