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People do the best that they can.
They do what they know how to do.
Only the courageous step out of the plan that was given to them
And they make the plan that works best for them.

I remember it like it was like yesterday.
You, me, a kiss, gently at the beach.
A moon light night that was brisk.

I forced you to be something that you weren’t.
I forced you into a partnership that you didn’t want to be in.
Caught up in emotions…
I love you
I hate you
I can’t stand you
I’m so happy to see you.
I’m so glad that I have you.
I’m glad that I picked up the phone and called you.

Through all of the motions there was something there.
Unsure of what it is…
But knew it was something.

I admire you for the person that you were
I admire you for the person that you are
I admire you for the person that you’re becoming.

Unfair stress.
Unfair pressure
A false intention
A false hope.

Damage done
Damage repaired
Damage controlled.

A connection
So strong
So unbreakable…

You’re my heart.

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