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Friday Finale 11.30.07

Trent talks life, his weight issue for real, current events and a few other things that you'll have to listen for!

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Witty Wednesday 11.28.07

Trent talks his sex tape, Fred Smith, Thanksgiving, jump-offs and whatever else he decides to come up with.


Damita Jo Kinda Mood...

We're vulnerable,
we're sensitive,
and we're complicated people too.

So many people
rolled into one
we contain so much.

So much creativity
so much energy
so many contradictions
so much confusion
so much clarity.

So moments of faith
and fear

So many different characters live within us...
all looking for love

-Janet Jackson
"Looking For Love"
From the "Damita Jo" album

Then it dawned on me why I liked that intro so much - because it described me to a "T" But it was also apparent when I woke up out of my dream and went to check my email, that it was applicable to him as well. Him, was the pinup of the latest Yahoo! Personals match that was "compatible" with me. Every Sunday it never fails me that I get these advertisements, unauthorized solicitations from other men, promising me that they like to have fun, my weight isn't an issue and they aren't trying to take me home and bed me over the arm of some couch for a second of pleasure. But for some reason, I haven't taken the time to stop receiving such annoying, meaningless, relentless, constant reminders that I am single. The kind of single guy that looks but doesn't touch, yet wondering why I am not in a relationship. Something I don't care to know or answer right now - because I am a firm believer in, "when it's supposed to happen it will."

But none of that was better than the dream that I just had. It wasn't those realistic dreams that always seem to come to life - it was one of symbolic meaning. Usually when I have a symbolic dream, I immediately wake up and deliberate. Trying to find out what the dream means and how do I go about executing the plan that I am suppose to.

So my mom had moved to New York. She was still a stone cold bitch who was ruthless, cold hearted and at the end of the day was still irresponsible wanting everyone who she attempted to verbally kill clean up her mistakes. But as usual, that was the never the case with me, the first man in her life (that she raised mind you) to stand up to her. It wasn't about back talk, it wasn't about right or wrong, it wasn't about her being my mother, it was about me standing up for myself and not letting anyone disrespect me, the way it's always been. Nothing ever changes in dreamland...So I miss my flight, just as I did in real life leaving there a few weeks ago. So it's funny because I never went to the airport to try to get another ticket and leave, I just stayed in NYC. Everyone was happy about the decision except my mother. As usual she was hating, asking me questions about my decisions, because she knew making my own decisions would eliminate her sabotage all together and if there is one thing my mother hates is for someone to be in control of their own lives...which is why she and I continue to have conflict, because I don't live my life the way she sees fit.

In the dream I was having a candid conversation with my aunt about how I felt I was somewhat cheated from life. I never got a chance to finish school, I always made to much to get financial aid, and didn't have enough to pay it out right. And she said, "Always ask - just because you think someone won't do something always means the opposite." I thought about it and I cried in the dream because had I known someone would have helped pay for school I would have probably been at the Bayou Classic game this weekend as an alumni, instead of watching it on TV. So I hung up the phone (in the dream mind you) and hopped on the A train and I saw B. Scott and Dwight O'neal on the train. I spoke we shared a few good laughs before they got off at 59th Street. Somehow I fell asleep and it was dark and I saw the last guy I was dating from L.A. and a few other cute guys, next thing I know, all these dudes are sucking and fucking on the A train. I was like WTF is going on???!!! Then I woke up.

Trying to figure out the mixed messages in the dream. Do I go back to school? Do I really move to New York? or the big whammy - do I eliminate the riff-raff of possible legal ramifications with my mother (cause it will come to that) and move without drama...? All of these things have been on my mind lately and I am irritated that all of these issues in my mind have the unmitigated gall to meet up in a dream to further throw me off into the could be Hudson River.

I usually call my paternal Grandmother or my Best-Friend with issues like this. But it's early in the morning, my stomach is growling, I need to go jog and grab some diet food...and while we're on the subject of diets, looking back, I swallowed a really big pill this weekend. I don't think I am comfortable writing it, but I think I will talk about it on my show this week.

...Don't Stop, Don't Stop...


Friday Finale 11.23.07

Trent Calls in from home

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Witty Wednesday 11.21.07

Trent talks new music, thanksgiving, NYC fallout, his cold and some other gay stuff

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My Mind on a Monday

First thing monday morningIm gonna pack my tears awayGot no cause to look backIm lookin for me a better dayYou see the thing bout loveIs that its not enoughIf the only thing it brings you is painThere comes a time when we could all make a change…

While I am sitting here, ankle elevated, thinking about my life at this moment, this urge to not stop and take a break keeps poking at me…like that boys hard dick when he’s lying against you at night. I’m not even 5 cities in on my book tour yet and I have never had this urge to work on new material while promoting the current stuff. But I guess that’s all apart of the hustle…right?

This weekend was interesting. For most of you that don’t know I came back from NYC with a swollen ankle…I don’t feel like telling the story anymore…but…yeah, so I am finally trying to nurse my ankle back to health, while trying not to do too much, which is damn near impossible being me! Saturday, I spent time mailing out books and spending time with my friends that I haven’t spent time with, since pre-summer. We’ve seen each other, but we haven’t spent time…it was long overdue. With our schedules in limbo and our own things to deal with it was great seeing the guys…people have been accusing me of being a bad friend as of late, not really taking into account what has gone on with me personally over the last 6 months. Understandable and I am glad people bring things like this to my attention, because I feel it can only make our relationship better. This is definitely a time of new beginning, transition and readjustment.

Yesterday a cold hit me smack dab in the middle of the day!!! Jumping from the 40ish degree weather in NYC to L.A.’s 80 degrees has really done a number on me, so I had to cut my cousin’s 1st birthday party short and family time at my uncles to go home and Theraflu my body to death…and I ended up missing a friends birthday dinner! I suck…but hopefully he allows me to make it up.

So here I am taking personal notes…learning more about myself. Thinking…a little too much as I normally do (somebody has to think right?). Regretting telling him that I like him. Learning my boundaries. Wondering why it’s so hard to find a boy to lay up with and hold at night. Finally realizing that my weight has something to do with it…(I can be so na├»ve sometimes, while trying to see the good in niggas) but you know, I don’t think anyone would be able to stand me if I dropped 50 pounds. I don’t think I’d be able to stand myself, knowing what kind of person I would become…that I already am.

Brainstorming. Thinking. Wanting. Smiling. Crying…
No one has it all together. So why pretend?


D.J. V. Trent - Friday Finale 11.16.07

D.J., host of the Doo-Dirty show interviews Trent.

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Witty Wednesday 11.14.07

Trent returns from his NYC book tour with a bang! And gives a full review on all of the Shade.Sabotage.and trickery of Gotham City!

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First of all...LMAO! In spite of everything - Find the humor and the beautiful things in life. I've learned more about myself this weekend than any other weekend ever! I've learned to stop complaining and just let things be. Staying true to yourself and staying firm in your beliefs is one of the best things a person can do. I've also learned that everyone doesn't buy into the GREAT things that you are doing...accept it and move on.

Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself this past weekend in NYC despite all of the drama that went on.....? AND HONEY where ever there is Trent Jackson, whether he is doing something or not, somebody is always starting some shit. I mean all I try to do is mind my business and maintain what I got and there is always some ear hustler or eye stalker in the mist trying to see what the deal is...

But - I am still in NYC. I am upstate chilling and getting some rest before I head to back to L.A. and then back to Philly for my next event.

New York is an AMAZING place - and even though I've had my negative exchange with some of the whack ass hoes out there (in which they wouldn't face me when I arrived - and rightfully so) I had a good time and I have to say that I spent my time with three amazingly talented, humble, determined, focused gay black men - who are all stars in my eyes in which I shared an amazing connection with. It felt so good to just bond and talk with black men with a purpose and a true desire to change the way people view gay black men. To me it was the best experience I've had with gay black men. We had intelligent conversation, we weren't trying to sleep with each other...we are all focused, driven, determined - It was amazing. So to Dwight, in which I loved my time with you and thank you for supporting what I do! That means sooooo much to's all about the connection!!! Adam, for showing me around and giving yourself unselfishly. It feels good to know I'm not the only one in the world going through what I do. You're great!!! And I love it! Shorty Roc, thank you for being the hood-boy friend that everyone needs! I love you cause you keep it real! And you are who you are. That is powerful in itself! We're going to do
some work together soon!!!

I am soooo tired!!! I just wanted to put something up...but I am saving most of the stuff for Friday's show.

But thanks to everyone that came out to support the event. Thanks to Darian for flying up from ATL! Reggie for helping me put the event together! Special shot out to Shawn, Omar, MARCUS (OMG!!! You are IT!!!) El Divo, it was such a great pleasure....names are escaping me...I'll talk about everything on Friday...

P.S., The Doo-Dirty


A Few Things...

Hey everyone!!! I finally crashed after my book release party on Sunday!!! A combination of delirium and liquor is never a good thing! I had everyone drunk off of the "Trent Jackson Martini" you have to ask people that were there about it...FINALLY After 8 long grueling months the book release party came although the book has been out for a little longer than a month. It was a really busy, fun time this past Sunday and thanks to everyone that came and supported! I had a great time. There wont be any shows this week, my voice need recuperating from all of the yelling and reading I did this I went to see Anita Baker on I had a jammed weekend! I am resting....

So this week I am resting and gearing up for New York...if you're in the area and you want to check me out stop by:

F.Y.I. If you order "Full Circle" from my official site by November 16th, you get the Behind The Scenes DVD free!!! So Check it out...

Thanks for your support and I'll see some of you soon!

rightfully resting...