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First of all...LMAO! In spite of everything - Find the humor and the beautiful things in life. I've learned more about myself this weekend than any other weekend ever! I've learned to stop complaining and just let things be. Staying true to yourself and staying firm in your beliefs is one of the best things a person can do. I've also learned that everyone doesn't buy into the GREAT things that you are doing...accept it and move on.

Can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself this past weekend in NYC despite all of the drama that went on.....? AND HONEY where ever there is Trent Jackson, whether he is doing something or not, somebody is always starting some shit. I mean all I try to do is mind my business and maintain what I got and there is always some ear hustler or eye stalker in the mist trying to see what the deal is...

But - I am still in NYC. I am upstate chilling and getting some rest before I head to back to L.A. and then back to Philly for my next event.

New York is an AMAZING place - and even though I've had my negative exchange with some of the whack ass hoes out there (in which they wouldn't face me when I arrived - and rightfully so) I had a good time and I have to say that I spent my time with three amazingly talented, humble, determined, focused gay black men - who are all stars in my eyes in which I shared an amazing connection with. It felt so good to just bond and talk with black men with a purpose and a true desire to change the way people view gay black men. To me it was the best experience I've had with gay black men. We had intelligent conversation, we weren't trying to sleep with each other...we are all focused, driven, determined - It was amazing. So to Dwight, in which I loved my time with you and thank you for supporting what I do! That means sooooo much to's all about the connection!!! Adam, for showing me around and giving yourself unselfishly. It feels good to know I'm not the only one in the world going through what I do. You're great!!! And I love it! Shorty Roc, thank you for being the hood-boy friend that everyone needs! I love you cause you keep it real! And you are who you are. That is powerful in itself! We're going to do
some work together soon!!!

I am soooo tired!!! I just wanted to put something up...but I am saving most of the stuff for Friday's show.

But thanks to everyone that came out to support the event. Thanks to Darian for flying up from ATL! Reggie for helping me put the event together! Special shot out to Shawn, Omar, MARCUS (OMG!!! You are IT!!!) El Divo, it was such a great pleasure....names are escaping me...I'll talk about everything on Friday...

P.S., The Doo-Dirty

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