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New Music Tuesday

When I first saw 'The-Dreams' video featuring my favorite chipped tooth rapper Fabolous, for the video and first single, "Shawty is A 10" I was instaneously hooked on the hot track and the radio friendly hook if not the mere hotness of two young black men on my screen. I was interested and kept a close watch on 'The-Dream' which I thought was a group of some sort...

In the overpopulated market of simple beat-makers that lack even mediocre talent to last longer than a real life span of a platinum album there is something about 'The-Dream' that i like and hate, not like his debut "Love Hate." I don't know if I exactly hear a uniqueness or the "eh-eh-eh-eh" that he does more than Rihanna on every track drives me crazy - but there is still something there that makes me want to listen. While I am still trying to figure out if he is a rapper or singer

His production is very remnant of Prince during the "Revolution" days while his lyrics are soft, racy, pop-ish and they don't really stand out like some of his peers take Trey Songz or Mario for example. Not to discredit the talent that is there - because it is, I'm not completely sold.

While the CD offers a nice balance of duets, mid-tempo songs, what could have been a ballad, a radio friendly track and a few club bangers - 'The Dream' is just that, something I won't remember when I wake up...unless the dream was about me winning the lottery.

Standout Tracks: Shawty Is Da Shit, Fast Car, Living A Lie ft. Rihanna

In Today's R&B meat market of young heart throbs fighting for the coveted #1 spot or the "Mr. 106 & Park" bragging right - you somehow forget about the smoothest if not the most talented young R&B star on the market now: Mario - who immediately separated himself from the pack by branding himself a true vocalist while honing his true musical abilities.

We've watched Mario go from the 16 year old kid who we knew had staying power to the mature young man who not only consistently makes good music but also deals with life when most would not face such adversity and still attain success. That in it self is to be commended.

If you haven't noticed Mario's off the Richter-scale like talent, then you need to turn up your I-pod speakers a lil' louder - While we know that Clive Davis is synonymous with hit makers - it shouldn't surprise anyone why Mario is signed with Clive or why he is on his third CD.

"Go" is a breath of R&B fresh air! It really shows his signature sound that no one else has - and it is a good thing. Mario uses his voice to the brim and ensures that each lyric and each track compliments his voice perfectly making the entire CD a complete play through. Filled with everything from club bangers to ballads, he shows you what modern day R&B is all about. Mario uses todays sound while he sings with passion with artists from 20 years ago. He further proves that he has matured in his life - and gives us a reason to listen to the mature 20 something man who has something to say. At this point in the game I can see Mario being here 20 years from now still providing good music. He event did a better job than Keith Sweat's hit "Right And A Wrong Way," it is just another example of picking the right songs to fit your voice - that will take him a long way.

When I tell you that all the push backs and date changes were well worth the wait for Mario's third disc "Go." I think the more appropriate title for the set would have been STAY! This CD has platinum written all over it and it gets & THE TRENT JACKSON STAMP OF APPROVAL!!!

Standout Tracks: Crying Out For Me, Skippin', Music For Love, Kryptonite, Why, Lay In My Bed and Right And A Wrong Way are my favorites...but I've already played the CD 26 times...go figure every track is HOT!!!


Marz said...


Why am I reading about these two when i expected Mary J. Blige and Lupe Fiasco?

Maybe it's the finals and I can't see clearly.


Marz said...

sorry dear, bumped my head. NEXT WEEK gotcha. lol

Clay said...

Ive heard some good things about that Dream CD - maybe ill check it out now.

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

Oh My God...Music for love is my jam! I've let the bass line hit and i've pressed repeat again & again!