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Witty Wednesday 12.05.07

So there isn't a show today...

Today would have been my Grandmothers 81st the past I've done posts about her and the role she played in who I am today...but I am taking this time out to be with my family to reflect on her memory and not only that but to welcome my new cousin into the world. It's a special time for us right more ways than one. It's so funny how something like watching a child being born can change your whole entire outlook and appreciation not only in your world but more importantly for the people around you.

I'll be in the studio this week...we're on the wind down to end season the meantime enjoy this video courtesy of Nathan Seven Scott!

much love
and don't be afraid to walk in your divine greatness
thank you for supporting me...
with you in the struggle.


1 comment:

kennyking78 said...

Hey T, I know that you still miss your Grandma. I pray for your peace with the situation.

Congrats on the baby being welcomed into your family!

I hope all is well with you otherwise. Did you get the card I sent you?