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Season 5 Premier

Trent welcomes back the season while getting use to the new studio...


11, 15, 17, 20, 23: Why I won't be in violation.

You remember those rules that I put into existence? I have been abiding by those hoes hard! Not only because I don't have the money to put aside if I break the rules, but more so because I am challenging myself to be a better person. I've noticed that my moods haven't been fluctuating as much. I'm not eating everything up out of stress. I am not responding to EVERYONE ELSE'S shit...I'm handling my own and I am not allowing myself to be hindered by the, wait that's not a word!!!

I will not incite, respond to or engage in arguments unless my CHARACTER is on the line. I will Speak in moderation. I am understanding that CHANGE is the only thing that is constant. I am learning that everything I do has a consequence. I and I am trying extremely hard to only entertain people who are like minded in their own progression and by that I mean:
  • making sure they are goal oriented.
  • there is action behind their plan (cause you have yours)
  • making sure they are focused
  • they have a strong sense of determination
  • they are honest
  • they are able to tell the truth (honesty and telling the truth are different)
  • they are able to speak the truth and be free about it
  • they are able to accept things for what they are
Rules were not made to be broken...cause when you break them, you are only breaking yourself. I am still trying to get rid of this cold. My voice is coming back! But you'll still get the season 5 premier tomorrow...I'm off to a board meeting! I'll talk to you tomorrow!!


The Most Random Message Ever

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I am not the only one who sees what you are doing. Know that.

It's also important to know that when you try to set people up in a trap, all you do is get caught up in your own net. Especially when you're fuckin' with a nigga like T.

While I understand that it's in your nature to pretend as if you're karma, you're not - and believe me I've already paid for the the things that I've said...but I speak the truth, so this is more of a personal revenge versus what I am karmically owed because you can't handle the fact that there is one person that see's you for the fucked up person that you are, chooses not to deal with you - and speaks to you in respectful moderation.

It doesn't help that everything that I say that I am going to do gets done - and more so everything that I do, I excel at...and that's something that you shouldn't be jealous of. Find out what you're good at and go fuckin' do it and stop being a messy ass fag, following in the trails of the forsaken trying to block what everyone else is doing.

It never fails me. I always see you turn on that smile, that charm, that not even subtle arrogance, as you pretend that everything is copacetic, when you and I both know that you have some type of tomfoolery plotted against whomever's face you are in. Don't you know the reason why you haven't got anywhere is because you've fucked over EVERYONE IN YOUR PATH? Cause I know it shocks you that I am successful, but I'm such a bitch and a drama queen. NO. THATS WHAT YALL THINK. A lot of the times, when I am addressing some bullshit, it's usually a build up and moreover, I am ALWAYS in place to say what I have to say. I don't go on malicious unwarranted rants and raves. I stand up for what I believe in and I don't fall for the false pretenses that you operate under. And on top of that you are dragging in a young man who is as pure an as innocent as you once were and you see his potential and his work ethic - and that scares you, because you know he has the potential to pass you up. So you put in your plan of action to make sure he's stifled and that his name will be just as tarnished as yours. But just because you've allowed yourself to be entangled in the gay fairy dust life that has jaded you on every turn, doesn't mean that you have to introduce someone into your private hell. Sad but touching. While I can't save the world, while I have to let people learn on their own - who and who not to trust, don't think I ain't watching what goes down...

One thing about this whole situation is true: I have to confront the things I don't like. Which means I have to face a whole circle of people who I could care less about, once and for all to state my place and demand the respect that I've given them even though they've made me out to be the bad guy. I accept being the bad guy. Because I know that looks are deceiving and I also know that it's okay not for me to accept bullshit from you and from others. I also know that I will not accept any one's lies as the truth and I am damn sure am not about to be lied to and set up in my face. Stupid or any derivative of that is not a proper adjective that describes my abilities to effectively operate on a day to day basis.

What's interesting is the fact that when you make changes in life, you always have to make a false move on the playing's important to look at the big picture and visualize what you want to happen.

Expect to be shut down. For I will stand up for me and all the others who are voiceless. The gay black men who are tired of all the stereotypical things that are associated with being black and gay. There is so much more to us than being...

I just hope that one day people will wake up and stop allowing themselves to be played like a fiddle.

When Trent Jackson says something, listen now...don't miss the memo...cause understanding something late is the worst thing you could possibly do.

My respect and my loyalty for my FRIENDS is something that I take seriously and I am really tired of people fucking with that. Mad because they ain't got. Mad because they made the wrong choices. Mad because they didn't get the lesson. Nigga, that ain't my problem. But if you try to involve me in it, I will let you know and walk off with my RESPECT and DIGNITY in tow.

The war is on nigga. I'm fighting for whats rightfully mine. And I am taking what I deserve plus what you have since you are obviously misusing your power to perpetuate negative cycles in the lives of black gay men, when you should be inspiring others to uplift themselves, walk in their own greatness and find a way to pay back the good...and really change the way people view our community.

There is nothing worse than a selfish ass self-righteous pussy foot ass muthafucka.



Before I knew it the whole day went by and I hadn’t eaten. For the past week I’ve been too busy being driven by determination, fueled by success, and reaping the benefits of lateness - but I press, because at the right times the things that inspire me the most come in the form of people.


I had avoided this time in my mind for a minute – I made a mad dash to my car, up Crenshaw to Century. Jamba Juice before 11:00 p.m. I had to get a smoothie. The lighter flickered. Igniting an orange glow in the cabin of my truck, that was always the calm before the storm of the intricate, deep, mellow, unedited thoughts that took over and played in my mind like Chante Moore played in the background of my car:

Shoo-be-da-bay-ow-u-dow Bop-bow-ba-dow
Zhoo-be-da-bay-ow-u-dow Bop-bow-ba-dow
Zhoo-be-da-bay-ow-u-dow Bop-bow-ba-dow
Zhoo-be-da-bay-ow-u-dow Peow, peow, peow

I inhaled and thought about the way he would hold me. How I would feel the closeness of him, the warmth that would shoot through my body like an electric current through my body when I saw him again. It’s been 2 1/2 years, and a lot has happened in that time. But no matter what happened, he always seemed to be there. I never really got it, but he always cared – but when I recognized it and acknowledged it became more evident, what I’ve should have always known, the depth in which his emotions ran for me.

I stopped at Vernon when the phone rang. I looked at the clock and it was 10:36. The phone rang again. “I’ll be there by 10:45,” I thought to myself when I looked down and it read the screen: 8+8+7+3=26. If you decoded it, it meant it was my black and Cuban mixed boy that I’ve jumped off with off an on since I was 19 calling. His number, 26, represented his point system in my jump off book. 26 out of 40. The sex that I did have this year was bullshit sex. Suck my dick…let me suck yours, that type of thing. I didn’t want to do anything sexually until it was with him. No not 26, but the only man that I trusted enough to schedule an appointment for me to receive him. All of him. He respected me; he’s cared about me. . It’s been 2 1/2 years, and a lot has happened in that time. But no matter what happened, he always seemed to be there. I never really got it, but he always cared – but when I recognized it and acknowledged it became more evident, what I’ve should have always known, the depth in which his emotions ran for me.

Aside from that, I exhaled and turned up Chante Moore and went back and forth in my mind about calling him back. Not Ricardo, a friend…someone that you may know. I look at him, every given time and I just want to hold him and be intimate with him. Kiss him – listen to him talk and let him know that it’s gonna be okay. We exchange stories about the bullshit that dudes put us through and how hard it is being a different type of gay black man that people usually associate with being gay both internally and externally. In a weird way, we both kinda know that none of the men that we date are good enough, but we always give them the benefit of the doubt – but we always remind each other and some how convince each other to wait for the one…but in my mind, I’m the one for him. He’s someone that I could lay up with and watch a movie with. Talk to…have a glass of wine…cuddle throughout the night. Wake up and make breakfast for him…and do that when we needed to. I should have just called him back. Stop being a bitch and be there for my friend.

I made a right on Century and as the haze of smoke began to rise on my mind, I thought to myself, “I wonder if anyone has ever asked her about how she felt.” She, My favorite aunt on my mom’s side. Her daughter, who brings a tear that never falls to my eye every time I think of her and what she’s done for me in my life, was my favorite cousin. Now she’s my guardian angel. She – my aunt, to me has endured the worst deck of cards anyone can be dealt and has survived it and still managed to wake up every day and live. Although we never talk about it, the next time I see her, in private. I want to ask her, “How do you feel?” A person can tell you what they want you to know. Someone can tell you what they want you to hear. But if you ask them, very rarely will they lie. There is a certain intimacy in asking a genuine question that assures the person that you care and are sincere about their growth. In my family, we lack that, but on the strength of her daughter, my favorite cousin, that shared the day of the week, in which the day she died on – I will instill the value of trust and intimacy back in my family because she died so desperately trying to do it.

With minutes to spare, the store manager locked the main door. Eyes tight, smiling from ear to ear, beating the clock while talking to THE BLACKS in my left ear, he greeted me. Warm, calm, soothing, genuinely he smiled. Looking like a full-grown version of Solange Knowles son. 5’8. Light skinned, but not the typical. He wasn’t conceited about it. It was just who he was. He maintained a comfortable 200, thick pounds that fitted him right, but more so, just what I liked.

“We’re closed.” He said as he walked closer to me.
“Huh?” I asked just grinning.
“I’m just joking. What can I get you?”
“A Strawberry Surf rider and A White Gummy Bear.”
“Size? Boost?”
“Original on both, fiber in the strawberry.”

He laughed in my left ear.
“What’s so funny?”
“What you know about a white gummy bear?” THE BLACKS asked.
“That’s for ya auntie. You know how yall Libras are.”

“What you smokin’?” He walked up to me and asked me.
“Granddaddy and White Widow.”
“Damn! That’s why you be faded.” He said laughing.
“You want some?”
“Hell yeah.”

I thought nothing of it. I’m cool. Everyone wants to smoke with me. People recognize that I am a chill, laid back, cool ass nigga. I accept people for who they are and I am me and only another real muthafucka will get that shit. But I also know that everyone you smoke with aint you’re friend either. I learned that this summer. And one thing about this year I am not carrying that old ass shit from 07 into 08. I hung up the phone with THE BLACKS as I sized up the Jamba Juice worker. Face 9. Swagger 10. Dick Size…Technique... But just by looking at him, he was probably hanging about 7 and his technique gave me 9, which would have made him a 35, which also meant that when I called him he wouldn’t answer, and when he called me I was expected to answer. Somewhere down the line niggas with a little bit of “umph” even if it is a 35, equate being the bomb and knowing it too. They have this grandiose notion that they can get whomever I want, including the fat boy who is desperate. But see that’s where niggas get the game twisted every time. I chose them. Because my game is so sick, I am giving you C game to get your attention, using my B game to keep you attention and my A game to get what I want. So just like you and India.Arie, I choose too. But it’s okay…I let them get away with it sometimes. Cause look what happens when you’re a 26.

He is a 40. He, Donte, the only man that I trusted enough to schedule an appointment for me to receive him. All of him. He respected me; he’s cared about me. . It’s been 2 1/2 years, and a lot has happened in that time. But no matter what happened, he always seemed to be there. I never really got it, but he always cared – but when I recognized it and acknowledged it became more evident, what I’ve should have always known, the depth in which his emotions ran for me.

But he doesn’t let that 40 go to his head. He knows there is more to life than just being a sexual object. More than being a booty call. Even though there is that one thing that keeps us apart, I’d do anything for him. Just because we have that understanding – an understanding that people rarely get to have in their life. An understanding that people are jealous of. An understanding that I had, that I appreciated and didn’t take for granted. An understanding that would never be misunderstood. An understanding that made my love for him unconditional.
He carried my drinks to the car, opened the door and let me walk out before him. It wasn’t just because he was smoking my weed, that I offered and he gladly took. It was in his nature to be a gentleman. To be mellow and low key. To be masculine and seductive without trying to be. It was his nature. It was something that I was attracted to. The same connection that he reminded me of when I made a night run there a few months back like I did tonight.

“Where is your friend? The girl that you always come with?” He asked as he sat my drinks on the floor.
“Who?” I asked.
“The tall girl. The cute one.”
“Oh that’s my attorney. But she’s my best friend too. She’s up in the Hampton’s right now.”
“What? Like that.”
“If you only knew.” I responded.
“You’re funny. You said something the last time I saw you here.”
“Shit, what did I say?” I asked as I lit the joint.
“You and her were talking about something and you was like, ‘Come-on bitch, we leavin’.’” He said as he tried to imitate me in his gayest mock ever.
“That sounds like me.” I said as I laughed.
“You were fucked up that night.”
“This is my time to be blasted.” I replied.

He exhaled – twice. I watched his movement. The way that he timed things, the way that he said things. His mechanism was soft, subtle, yet strong and warming. He didn’t let things that he could not change get to him. He knew how to have fun. He knew how to surround himself with the right people. He was someone who was on a path to great things because he knew how to use the right tools in his reach to become effective at the plan he drew for himself. I smiled as he exhaled for the third time.

He remembered things about me. He paid attention to my jokes. He understood past what I put up. He wasn’t afraid to look me in my eye and get what most people don’t get. What most people look past. Me at the core. I always know people understand and get me, by the way they treat me. How they know exactly what to do – and what to say. And by the small, intimate gestures that make me smile.

It’s funny how you always seem to attract the people that always seem to be a reflection of some discovered or undiscovered part of you. If we’re lucky and if we pay attention close enough – we’ll meet these people every day, the inspirations of life. Sometimes we miss the messages that life sends us. More of the time they are subtle. Subtle messages that inspire us to be great, to keep going in spite of the negative things that block us from getting to a place of happiness. People are sent to be a representation of the things that we are, what we are becoming or who we aspire to be. They change the way we do things for the better or for the worse…but that only happens if we open the mail.

I looked at him again before it was time for him to go back in and close the store.
“What’s your name?” I asked him.
“If I tell you, we’ll have to do it a second time.”

He smiled and said Edward.


Checking In....

Me rolling around in the car...venting. Quite interesting I must say...


Revelation In Confirmation

It's important to wake up before the Devil. Because if you think about it, he starts his attack early in the morning, right before you wake up and he starts all day. Wake up at 5 pray and go back to bed if you have to.

Every time I turn around it seems as if THE OLD ME is trying to be brought back up from the hidden surfaces of life...but I will not break. I kid you not, making changes to become a better person is by no means an easy thing to do - because everyone else is uncomfortable and resistant to your change.

For the last few days I have been reflecting on things in my life that have no merit or space and I've been ridding them from my mind, because truly what goes on in your mind effects the rest of your body. Like before the New Year I've been meaning to throw away all of our old pictures, his boxers and other things that were related to him - that needs to be done today, because someone that is associated with him is trying to take up residency in my life. I'm not dumb, you will not report the activities of my life so you can report back to him. He's had his chance, now he's done. But all connections to negativity have to be broken!!!!!!

When the thunder came down on Friday night as me and my best friend were talking about how magnificent GOD was and how chains have to be broken this year, it was a sure sign (the thunder) that things couldn't remain the same! Everything that we talked about that night was confirmed at Church yesterday. I was blessed that I was able to go to church with my close friends because it just confirms that when you have strength around you, you are unbreakable.

Everyone is so use to me cursing them out, spazzing out and being stressed out over the ill-will shit they people do because they are so miserable in their own mental discomfort they want to drag you into their shit. I lived like that long enough and I would really appreciate it if they didn't. I need to pray. When people set traps, they ultimately get caught up in it themselves and the people they intended them for usually get set free without a scratch. This is why I have to follow Rules: 6, 9, 11, 23.


I know some of yall are thrown by what I am saying. And what I've been saying...I know you guys are use to the drama that goes'll get that, but the beauty of drama is that you find the message in the drama. For so long I've fueled the drama, I've been a messenger of drama - but ALL OF THAT CAME TO AN END. Our lives have more purpose than DRAMA and being caught up in the shit that people want you to get caught up in. Understand that GOD AND SATAN IS REAL. And don't be fooled by the traps that, that clown Satan uses to lure you in. He knows your every thought, like, dislike, just like God does. It's time to clean house yall and live life like you are supposed to.

A few crazy things are going on behind the scenes that are trying to take me out, but I will have a victory report by mid-week. Watch...

Be blessed. Start the week off knowing that this will be a great successful, prosperous year! There is nothing that, that jaded co-worker of yours, your nosy neighbor, your hating ass family members, those wolves disguised as friends in sheep's clothing, or what you think is the perfect man or woman decked out in the latest and hottest clothes can do to upstage your growth, your awakening, or your progress! Reclaim your power and take whats yours!


Look Out Weekend Cause Here I come...

Because weekends were made for fun...
I am so glad that Janet didn't slap that on the 20 Y.O. project. And in retrospect that was a good CD but I knew that it was a filler since it was her last album on virgin...I am just waiting on February 26th to get my mind ready for the greatest CD of 08.

Meanwhile, aren't we all a little excited that Barack Obama won the democratic ticket in IOWA of all places...I mean who would have thought that all of them good cornhuskan folk, would vote a black named Obama for their candidate...?

With the work week of the New Year officially over, I don't know if the New Year is off to a great start is but anytime you are making a transition to become a better, more financially responsible, more well rounded person you are going to face obstacles up the ying yang. Like somebody wiping my money market account clean and leaving an overdraft balance in excess of more than a few thousand dollars - or seeing an old friend of mines mom in Target and she's talking shit to you low key. I have to constantly start reminding myself to abide by the rules I set in place to become better. And I didn't argue with her like I could have and I didn't fly off the handle and spazz out and have a weed relapse because of someone elses problem. But whatever.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend...I have about 5 people flying in this weekend, it's supposed to storm really bad - but I love the rain...but it would be better if he was here to be in it with me. My good friend's birthday is tonight so we'll be at one of L.A.'S flyest places, Lola's to celebrate...and I'm working on a new project too!

I love my best-friend...if you don't have one - find one...But nothing can replace my 20 year friendship with her. We took this picture last weekend at my Books & Brunch Event which was ultra fab & ultra swank... Have a great weekend...! And don't clown either...I am changing up my look, but I still look good though...


My Thoughts About Him...

I have taken three hours to write this post and still haven't found the right words to articulate my love for him, my infatuation with the other one - and my curiosity for that one. Most of the time I grapple with what to say. What to do. I feel so many things that I wish I could say or wish I could do. But my wish is to say what I feel without I'll do just that.

Whole wheat toast. One slice. No Butter. One Egg White. Scrambled. Cooked in non-stick, low fat oil. Two strips of bacon. Turkey, baked. A glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. My I-pod tuned to my jogging mix that starts out with Feedback...I smiled when I woke up this morning because I am counting down the days till he gets here. 16 to be exact. At this point in the game, I believe that sexual identity is relatively ambiguous. Without going into multiple digressions on a layered topic/issue I'll just stick to my situation. Some may think that sex is a learned behavior, others feel that it is something that they have known since birth. I believe it's a mix of both.

He's listened to me cry. I've bitched, moaned, complained, called him high and drunk talking shit and through all of that he's supported me and accepted me for exactly who I was. He's always challenged me to be a better person. He is a direct reflection of me...only he's not me. He's him. The person that embodies everything that I would ever want in a man. His compassion...his way of pretending he doesn't care when I know he does. He doesn't care about my books. He doesn't care about my insecurity with my weight (actually he wants me to shut the fuck up about it.) He really cares about me, not the person that yall know or think yall know, but the person that I am getting ready to introduce yall too...Tarrance.

What happens when two people learn each other and develop an intimacy that people only dream about? What happens when that something happens. That something that crosses the line of your friendship...but you know when it's crossed it will only enhance your relationship with that person. This year is all about introspection.

The truth of the matter is that I am lonely. I have success, I've built and still building a great team of people to be around both personal and professional. I'm learning, growing and evolving every day and while I can share the good things and the bad things with my close circle, that one person that I can be naked with is missing. Sometimes I catch myself tossing in my bed, grabbing the pillow dreaming...Not in a sexual sense, just rolling over knowing someone that I deeply care about is there. I want that feeling of rolling over next to him. We've grown to know each other inside and out over the last two years, just friends, I never wanted or thought of him in that context. But something happened last summer that made me look at him in a totally different way. Something that made me say damn I love that nigga. He's the only one in my life that has mentally stroked me and challenged me for the better emotionally.

In the oddest times, I find myself thinking about him. Reaching out for him and wanting to touch him...just to be around him. His laugh that I think is adorable brings a smile to my face each and every time I hear it. Even though he is miles away and we talk or text sometimes three times a day, I sill miss him.

The summer of 2005 is one that is etched in my mind forever. I was on a book tour when I met him and at that point I wasn't even sure of what I wanted in my friends...let alone a boyfriend, not that I wanted him to be that, because I just didn't. Then I thought about the reasons why every single relationship I was in failed. I wasn't sure or upfront about my expectations. I never communicated effectively to men because they were never up for the challenge...but he was.

The thing is, it was never about sex. For the first time in my life, I had befriended a straight man who didn't care that I was gay and I could be open with him about what was going on with me.

Then it hit me. I was comfortable with him. He was comfortable with me - and though two summers had past since we met, I told him I had something to tell him. "I want you to fuck me."
The first time I had uttered those words to any man. I compiled a list not too long after I met him. 7 spaces on a piece of paper. His name being the first. Not completely full, still being the first.

Sex is just sex. But it, just like anything else, if used inappropriately can be deadly. I always told myself that I would never loose my virginity (anal) to a one night stand, to someone I didn't know or someone I didn't have respect for. The person had to be someone that I could be free with. That didn't care that I didn't fit the stereotype of traditional beauty. That didn't care about things that really didn't matter at the end of the day.

I marked my calendar. 16 days.

He loves and respects me so much that he would do anything to ensure that I was happy. And even if that anything meant that he would do something that he probably never even thought of before or maybe never even do again, he would do it...because that's the connection we have. And as mind blowing as that is...he's the person that I've always wanted in a friend and damn, I have material thing, no amount of money could ever replace that...and for that I'll always love him. Even though I give him drama - he see's beyond that and he knows that I have his back, just as he will have

I think we put way too much emphasis on relationships and falling in love and looking for the right person to be with, instead of letting things just take it's course. You never know what will happen. You never know who is thinking or feeling the same thing for you. I've been told by a few people that I always bring things out of them that they never knew existed. I would have never thought I'd meet a person to do the same for me. I never thought I'd be at this point. Well, I kinda did. But I never thought it would come this soon. I'm bisexual.


Out With The Old and In With The New...


A few days before the new year, I sat quietly. Quietly is what always does it. No outside interruptions, no one suggesting anything that may alter your decisions, it's just you. Many times we make the mistake of consulting other people for advice, when the answer is already inside of us - we know when we are being fucked up. We know when we are being taken advantage of. We know when things should be better. What do we do? We sit in our own shit and let everyone else fan it, while they leave and we sniff it.

Needless to say I put things in place to make my transition into the year of countless, unlimited blessings into effect. I knew the transition was not going to be easy - but it happened and I am on track. I wasn't going to share this list with anyone, but people need this that they can make their own guidelines to abide by for the year. You can swagger jack some of the rules, but always add or take away something to make it Couture...

The Rules Of Engagement: 2008
Each time you break a rule, you must fine yourself 50.00 and not touch it until the end of the year.
1.If you don't have it, don't spend it.
2. Pay your bills on time.
3. Everything you do is to be done in moderation, except for exercise.
4. Leave 45 minutes early for each event.
5. Reciprocate.
6. ZERO TOLERANCE for people who perpetuate drama. There are no chances. At the first sight of bullshit, end it and move on.
7. If you're not getting paid, it's not worth it. Unless children are involved.
8. Promote yourself like your name is Beyonce.
9. Ignore miserable people, for you will become them.
10. If you don't say it to them first; don't say it at all.
11. Do not incite, respond to or engage in arguments unless your CHARACTER is on the line.
12. Celebrate who you are daily.
13. Love, Live and Let Go.
14. Unless it happened in 08' don't address it.
15. Speak in moderation.
16. Don't lie.
17. Understand that CHANGE is the only thing that is constant.
18. Express yourself without offending.
19. Be who you are, so that others may be who they are.
20. Understand that everything you do has a consequence.
21. Save at least 50.00 from each check.
22. One pair of shoes each check - Reward yourself.
23. Only entertain people who are like minded in their own progression:
  • make sure they are goal oriented.
  • there is action behind their plan (cause you have yours)
  • make sure they are focused
  • they have a strong sense of determination
  • they are honest
  • they are able to tell the truth (honesty and telling the truth are different)
  • they are able to speak the truth and be free about it
  • they are able to accept things for what they are

24. Understand where you've come from - and don't be ashamed about it. Understand where you are and work on enhancing the now, so your future can be the way you envision it.

25. Understand that life is about struggling to progress, not struggling to be oppressed or depressed.

26. Continue to love freely - but love with logic.

27.Respect everyone

28. Surround yourself with people who are positive.

29. Bring something to the table every time.

30. Do more than just "what you can."

31. Remember the legacy that you are leaving.

32. Inspire a child.

33. Read one book per month.

34. Walk an hour a day

35. Always find the time to spend with yourself.

This year will be the year of great things and new beginnings. Whatever your heart wants, your mind can achieve it with the right action. I am here to tell you everything that was started in 07 will be completed in 08. Now let's walk into our greatness, live life for us, continue to inspire and shape a better world beginning with us...