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Look Out Weekend Cause Here I come...

Because weekends were made for fun...
I am so glad that Janet didn't slap that on the 20 Y.O. project. And in retrospect that was a good CD but I knew that it was a filler since it was her last album on virgin...I am just waiting on February 26th to get my mind ready for the greatest CD of 08.

Meanwhile, aren't we all a little excited that Barack Obama won the democratic ticket in IOWA of all places...I mean who would have thought that all of them good cornhuskan folk, would vote a black named Obama for their candidate...?

With the work week of the New Year officially over, I don't know if the New Year is off to a great start is but anytime you are making a transition to become a better, more financially responsible, more well rounded person you are going to face obstacles up the ying yang. Like somebody wiping my money market account clean and leaving an overdraft balance in excess of more than a few thousand dollars - or seeing an old friend of mines mom in Target and she's talking shit to you low key. I have to constantly start reminding myself to abide by the rules I set in place to become better. And I didn't argue with her like I could have and I didn't fly off the handle and spazz out and have a weed relapse because of someone elses problem. But whatever.

This is going to be a fantastic weekend...I have about 5 people flying in this weekend, it's supposed to storm really bad - but I love the rain...but it would be better if he was here to be in it with me. My good friend's birthday is tonight so we'll be at one of L.A.'S flyest places, Lola's to celebrate...and I'm working on a new project too!

I love my best-friend...if you don't have one - find one...But nothing can replace my 20 year friendship with her. We took this picture last weekend at my Books & Brunch Event which was ultra fab & ultra swank... Have a great weekend...! And don't clown either...I am changing up my look, but I still look good though...



Wassup T.J.
I'm glad that the brunch went well. And you best friend is fly azz hell. Hope you enjoyed every minute of the brunch.

I have not forgotten about our lunch or dinner date. lol
We will make it happen.

Ladynay said...

Like the look.

It appears like your dropping some weight!

Here's to a better you in 08!

S said...

yeah Trent I saw you last night in the Beverly Center and you have lost a considerable amount of weight! you look great! and so nice in person

kennyking78 said...

I love the new look T!!!!!

How did the weekend go with your friends from New York?

Marz said...

Hey T!!!

I'm so happy for Barack, and just what it means in general. I am also happy that he is incrementally getting a hairline. (N0 shade)

That Dude Right There said...

I still don't know how I feel about Obama. But whoever wins the democratic nomination is getting my vote. Im sick of these f*cking Republiklans.

And I have got to get back out there to hang with you an ya girl. Even though that club was whack as a soft banana, I still enjoyed you, her, and Peter.