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Out With The Old and In With The New...


A few days before the new year, I sat quietly. Quietly is what always does it. No outside interruptions, no one suggesting anything that may alter your decisions, it's just you. Many times we make the mistake of consulting other people for advice, when the answer is already inside of us - we know when we are being fucked up. We know when we are being taken advantage of. We know when things should be better. What do we do? We sit in our own shit and let everyone else fan it, while they leave and we sniff it.

Needless to say I put things in place to make my transition into the year of countless, unlimited blessings into effect. I knew the transition was not going to be easy - but it happened and I am on track. I wasn't going to share this list with anyone, but people need this that they can make their own guidelines to abide by for the year. You can swagger jack some of the rules, but always add or take away something to make it Couture...

The Rules Of Engagement: 2008
Each time you break a rule, you must fine yourself 50.00 and not touch it until the end of the year.
1.If you don't have it, don't spend it.
2. Pay your bills on time.
3. Everything you do is to be done in moderation, except for exercise.
4. Leave 45 minutes early for each event.
5. Reciprocate.
6. ZERO TOLERANCE for people who perpetuate drama. There are no chances. At the first sight of bullshit, end it and move on.
7. If you're not getting paid, it's not worth it. Unless children are involved.
8. Promote yourself like your name is Beyonce.
9. Ignore miserable people, for you will become them.
10. If you don't say it to them first; don't say it at all.
11. Do not incite, respond to or engage in arguments unless your CHARACTER is on the line.
12. Celebrate who you are daily.
13. Love, Live and Let Go.
14. Unless it happened in 08' don't address it.
15. Speak in moderation.
16. Don't lie.
17. Understand that CHANGE is the only thing that is constant.
18. Express yourself without offending.
19. Be who you are, so that others may be who they are.
20. Understand that everything you do has a consequence.
21. Save at least 50.00 from each check.
22. One pair of shoes each check - Reward yourself.
23. Only entertain people who are like minded in their own progression:
  • make sure they are goal oriented.
  • there is action behind their plan (cause you have yours)
  • make sure they are focused
  • they have a strong sense of determination
  • they are honest
  • they are able to tell the truth (honesty and telling the truth are different)
  • they are able to speak the truth and be free about it
  • they are able to accept things for what they are

24. Understand where you've come from - and don't be ashamed about it. Understand where you are and work on enhancing the now, so your future can be the way you envision it.

25. Understand that life is about struggling to progress, not struggling to be oppressed or depressed.

26. Continue to love freely - but love with logic.

27.Respect everyone

28. Surround yourself with people who are positive.

29. Bring something to the table every time.

30. Do more than just "what you can."

31. Remember the legacy that you are leaving.

32. Inspire a child.

33. Read one book per month.

34. Walk an hour a day

35. Always find the time to spend with yourself.

This year will be the year of great things and new beginnings. Whatever your heart wants, your mind can achieve it with the right action. I am here to tell you everything that was started in 07 will be completed in 08. Now let's walk into our greatness, live life for us, continue to inspire and shape a better world beginning with us...



Happy New Year Mr. Jackson and thank you for the wisdom. I am stealing this. :-)

kennyking78 said...

I love it T! I am copying and pasting this bad boy... I will put it up on my desk to remind me of what to do in 2008!

Happy New Year!

Valentino said...

LUV IT !!! 9 AND 12!!!

Ladynay said...

Happy New Year Mr. Jackson