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Friday Finale 02.29.08

Trent chats it up with Alexyss K. Tylor



First off,
Thanks everyone soooo much for your support!
If you missed her the first time...she's back!!!!
ALEXYSS K. TYLOR...Better known as "Vagina Power"
will be back on my show, "In The Mix With Trent" this Friday at 10:30 A.M. PST and 1:30 PM ET!!!
Tune into listen, call in and ask questions and be thoroughly entertained as she keeps it real about sex and relationships!!!
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(347) 324-5713

And here is one of her videos...
Just to get an idea of who she is and what she's about:

Witty Wednesday 02.27.08

Re-air of Trent's live show


New Music Tuesday!

Where do we even begin????!!!! A debut CD from a new artist, a new CD from "Mother Earth," and the return, not comeback of an Icon.

Before we knew who Cheri Dennis was, her heavily leaked single, radio friendly track "I love you" was in circulation at least two years on the Internet before the new first Lady of Bad Boy released the physical copy of her previously released I-tunes set "In and Out Of Love".

The lead track "Portrait of Love," not the strongest, but most dance worthy on the set revisits the 80's and immediately reminds you of Prince or maybe even Vanity - it gained Cheri more attention, but this just as most of the other tracks don't do her talent any justice. If Puffy spent as much money as he did on making the band as he did Cheri Dennis then maybe we would have had a phenomenal smash CD. Instead we get a recycled Biggie beat (it's a shame he's still making money off of him) and some other mediocre tracks that don't at all highlight Cheri's obvious vocal abilities.

Upon first listen you aren't sure where the CD is going. You like what you're hearing, then mid-CD it turns into something that you either hate, hate the producers for or hate her label for. The confusion doesn't lie with Cheri - because there is talent there, it could be one of those things where her talent is so immense, the production team has no clue on what to do with her. And the only way we'll ever know if she works with someone who isn't a hater like Sean Combs - and not to make this review about Sean Combs, but he doesn't do any of his artists, besides Biggie and Faith and Mary J. Blige justice. Everyone else's career (Carl Thomas, Loon, Shyne, 112, Total) has been stifled, shut down or immediately to the Z list. You can argue and say Puffy had a hand in making Uptown what it was, but we all know that was the handy work of the LEGENDARY Andre Harrell.

Cheri has some great tracks on the album. Mostly mid-tempo tracks that talk about the ups and downs of relationships. The CD, something to pop in and groove to or get your mind right after an argument or breakup, is a great introduction but it left me wanting more and something different. The only thing I think could have saved this CD is turning her interlude "Finally Made It" into a full fledged song! You can hear she is read to burst out and sing...something she was holding back on the other tracks.

In the end, this is just an okay debut. Enough to have a solid following, but not enough to make a lot of noise and make fans remember you. If she does get a second chance at making another CD, it should be done her own way, with the people that can extract her talent and let her do her thing free of the control of someone who historically fails true talent. Cause if he didn't want her to fail, he wouldn't have put her up against Badu or Jackson. You have to learn to compete...but only when real momentum is behind you.

Standout Tracks:Dropping Out Of Love, Pretend, Show Down, Ooh, Ooh

We all know that familiar drum line that opens the song, "On & On." It was the first time we were introduced to the "leader" of NeoSoul, Erykah Badu. Head Wraps, Incense, "deep" sometimes crazy things she said that always lead to even more crazy actions. But there was something about Erykah Badu that made us pay attention. We thought she was just a strange Muslim girl who didn't eat pork and talked about living a holistic life before God or whatever we thought she was doing. Before we knew Ms. Badu-Wright, SHE existed, swagger jacked to the core, Erykah monopolized on her stage presence ran with it. We ain't mad at her, cause we love what she delivers - it's always will we get it when she says it?

I was totally juiced when I heard that E. Badu was coming out with a new set! But I knew that I was going to have to be faded on some level to get what she saying the first time. The thing I like best about Erykah is her innate ability to fuck with your mind and throw you into a whirlwind while causing you to think...logically about life, black liberty and the pursuit of black happiness.

An opening that is fit to be the soundtrack to any 70's Nostalgia black film is what you'll hear when you you first pop in New Amerykah. The set is brilliant in the sense that it provides a real musical escape from the pop that plagues the radio not only that, but Erykah picked the most radio friendly track "Honey" as the lead single to make people think that she returned to her "normal" roots as she first displayed back in 97. Once you get past the chanting on the head bobbin' track "The Healer," you understand that "we've been programmed wake up..." and it will make you want to pick up the "Telephone" which is seemingly the ending to "Green Eyes," (Thanks Marz) which was on her 'Mama's Gun' album.

A glass of Merlot, a few lit - scented candles and Erykah in the background is enough to let you know that you aren't the only one going through shit, you aren't the only one who see's what is happening in the world and you aren't the only one changing and evolving even though it may seem like you are. Erykah challenges if not inspires you to think beyond that imaginary box that keeps us tied down.

The entire set is a sure play through. There aren't any sound effects present to make you think that your shit is skipping, a la Worldwide Underground. A mellow, yet futuristic ride on Erykah's all black train to planet Badu is what you'll get. But proceed with caution! Once you get on, you either will be stuck, won't want to get off or never go back again...

My only request is that you LISTEN to what is being said...fuck a beat.

Standout Tracks: The Cell, The Healer, Telephone, Honey

It's seems like only yesterday that I was writing a review for Janet's much anticipated 20 Y.O. album - so while we were somewhere in gay heaven waiting on a tour, we got a phenomenal movie and then this, DISCIPLINE!!!

When I first heard the first single "Feedback," I was more than juiced. Something about that baseline had me out of my chair at work dancing in my office like I was at club in Amsterdam high on 'E'

What I love and respect most about Janet is that she does her. She doesn't care about what anyone thinks, or what they have to say - and considering they tried to bury her alive she is still kicking dirt at she asks them to give her feedback.

Off top, I was excited at the promise of this CD. I was still hoping that somehow some way, Janet would leave Jimmy, Terry and Jermaine at home and go into the studio and capture 'Control,' 'Janet,' and 'Velvet Rope' in one CD. And guess what...she ALMOST delivered.

She's back on MTV (not 100%) she has one of the hottest singles out now...and while I LOVE JANET prolly a lil' more than Darian, I'm not at all afraid to say that this CD is just okay and I'm almost over it...Janet...already.

I love the fact that Janet along with Stargate, Rodney Jerkins, Ne-Yo and The Dream (okay J.D. too) tapped that classic Janet sound and sped it up 10 light years to today. She draws on the 80's baselines and added a futuristic sound that she can only pull off. I think my only complaint is all the interludes - while they are her all the way, it gets a bit annoying especially when she is talking to her robot "Kyoko." Which isn' too far fetched, I mean she did have Llama's and Tigers growing up...

The CD is great with the exception of two tracks, Never Letchu Go and Greatest X. We know you're in love with Jermaine and you haven't been dicked down this good since James DeBarge, we get it, we understand it, we embrace it...let's move on. I'm ready to hear what Janet thinks about "Racism, Illiteracy and Bigotry" now that it's 20 years after Rhythm Nation.

The CD is a mix of Dance and mid-tempo songs with a couple of songs that make you want to take of your clothes and touch yourself or get fucked into an orgasmic state of oblivion by your favorite jump off, husband or boyfriend...maybe all 3 if you roll like that.

With the futuristic, melodic sound that we get from, "Luv" to the Stargate up beat, borderline techno song "2nite" can get any club or pre-club activities poppin. She doesn't hold off on the dance tracks or the groove songs like "What's Ur Name," in which she describes a situation we've all been in (listen to it to find out what I am talking about).

Overall the CD has Janet written all over it. I think that people will appreciate her more after a tour and an actual hiatus...enough for us to miss her and want more. In addition Janet's ability to make great music is priceless. There is something to be said for anyone who has a 20 year music career and can still sell out stadiums, sell records and still look good. It was amazing to me how at 5 I was completely fascinated by Janet and all that she brought. Now 20 years later, my 5 year old sister and I can watch the new Janet. I'm sure she'll still be here in 20 years, popping up, making an occasional appearance or cutting a new record that will make her hardcore fans lay out like a white girl at one of Michael's concerts.

Janet makes great music - period. All of her music is timeless. You can pop in any Janet record and groove like it is brand new. Discipline is to be added to the list.

Standout Tracks: Curtains, Luv, 2nite, So Much Betta, What's Ur Name and Feedback

Watch Janet in action:



i jump to step 5 when I should stay
waiting patiently at 1.

who i've become.

experiencing the pain.

i haven't been answering.

what I've been doing.

at the joys of life.

to the expressed thoughts of the forsaken.

we spent time.

what I did before you showed up to my house.

I have to admit that It's always good seeing him. just friends. i secretly think that I'm the one for him. Although he gets on my nerves sometimes...with his rhetoric, I can tune that out and enjoy him for him. The electricity that shoots through my body when he gets near me...

we walked in.
i smiled at him sitting.
pleasantries exchanged.
atmosphere taken in.

I enjoyed the time...cause I miss it so much.
It reminds me of the time before my life became complex.
when i knew the balance with my friends.

i sat.
you came up.
A subtle brisk wind sparked the inside of my soul.
there was something there...

we both knew it. but didn't know how to express it.
i never know how to react.
i know how to go after what I want, but when it comes to relationships...and breaking the ice...

igniting a slow burning fire of curiosity as our eyes met.
A flashing smile
a light
but keen interest was slowly unveiled leaving me questioning thoughts in limbo

Passion was intense.
Just as meek as your demeanor.
But just as strong as your silent communication
that made them oblivious but not really to what was going on.
Slowly picking up on the things that went on behind the scenes…
I found your myspace page…now what.


Gag Worthy


Witty Wednesday 02.13.08

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Friday Finale 02.08.08

Trent hosts from Europe. Fred Smith, Author of "Right Side Of The Wrong Bed," calls in. Trent talks about his almost attack by a European mob.

Friday Finale 02.08.08

Yo! I'll be doing another live show....from Europe. Be sure to hit the button below to listen...or you can catch the repeat later. (I have repeats


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My Stomach Hurts....

So, I am still not use to the Euro cuisine...and I don’t think I will ever be. My already sensitive stomach, matched with my already sensitive body is not taking well to the clean air - and anything that is not represented in the U.S. So I am almost always popping an aspirin or taking my cayenne pepper home remedy to the feel like myself again.

I am mad at myself for not bringing my shampoo and conditioner to get back to the hairstyle that I am use to looking at…While my body keeps shrinking, I have no idea what to do with my hair…and since I thought I was going to be able to keep my cornrows in for two weeks while I am venturing all over the world, I refuse to walk around looking crazy, but then again, I’ve always wanted my hair this big, this texture and this crinkly…just think Maxwell circa 99.

I have been lucky on finding menu's in English with American like food - which I at least have an idea of what it is supposed to taste like. My last couple of days have been spent working...I finally got a live show under my belt and my nerves kicked my ass big time...tweaking the new book and promoting Full I'll close out the week doing the same. This trip has put me on a totally new grind. I also found sometime to slide in Fred's Book, Right Side of the Wrong Bed.

I love it when people tell me about new things. I hardly ever get time to keep up with new trends or new music on the market...or new videos on YouTube. But I am closeted YouTube junky. So I ran across Britney Houston...just get into it.

Live show tomorrow...again. Thanks for your support...and we'll talk soon!



So...I am here in Germany...watching CNN! And all of the political coverage – very fascinating. I am also on the phone with my younger/older sister, LQ who just gave birth to my first nephew Josiah. We really don't talk much...or get a long, but there are things in my life that need to be in order. And while I am free and able to speak about things in my life that need progression and passion, the same kind that I put into my work, needs to go into the people that should matter the most in my life.

But I am just here...absorbing...I'll talk more about it on Witty Wednesday which will be hosted live…yes live from Germany tomorrow…(later on today for me) You can check it out on Blog Talk Radio:
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10 A.M. PST/1 P.M. EST
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Talk to you guys soon,
Much luv

Something That I need To Say Outloud.

It dawned on me when I went looking for a trash bag...I am way too hard on people.


How I Feel

Up until I spoke to him on my first trans-Atlantic call to him, I was nervous. I see him exactly for who he is, it's calming - there is this understanding. But knowing his logic. The way he selects people to be used for his specific ulterior motive of the moment, do I not think that he does not do the same to me? I know he what does that say about me? Does that mean that all of my values are false? Does this mean that everything I believe in for the grounds of friendship are just as faulty as the idea of, you always get what you want even though you know that you always have to settle for more or less of what you wanted? I love him. I know he loves me. That understanding, that is there - I don't have that with anyone else. We all tell people what we want them to know, which is deceit in itself. We are so afraid of what other people think and what they are going to say...I am glad that I am experiencing Europe for the next few... But I am mad that I lost my digital camera...

I love that every country I visit, the particular websites (blogger, myspace, gmail, t-mobile) all form to the countries specific language. It's really crazy...and usually there isn't a toggle to switch to an English version. I think the scariest thing is when I flew into Frankfurt, Germany the other day I was in the wrong passport line! So I stood in line then I had to stand in this other line to be grilled by this big frankenfurter muthafucka. It was interesting...I've been videoing most of my experiences here, so I preferred that better than the still shot, pictures are so blah to me now. I want everything recorded; it has something to do with Rule No. 31: "Everyday start your legacy." And a legacy isn't just about death, it's about documenting your life and your accomplishments so that you can be proud and learn your errors...or pay attention to certain things that only you know exist...and how to fine tune them. Death isn't bad, sometimes you have to die to be born again...and I'm not speaking literally...

Before I left Amsterdam, which I must say is a very peaceful place. I've heard people compare Amsterdam to Sodom and Gomorrah, because of the drugs and the sex - but I understand why so many people retreat there. Although I don't know all of the history, I know that I felt very calm and free when I was there. I experienced REAL freedom for three days and the drugs have nothing to do with it. The vibe of that city is just so relaxing and peaceful, like and then when you do smoke! You just enjoy life and nothing bothers you (me). Versus when I am at home I am just thinking about the multitude of shit that boggles me daily from my sister to my company to my family to me being fat! I am still thinking way too much...and if you're in a place that has a certain hostility, you can't really be peaceful in that...and L.A. has a very hostile vibe. No one smiles, even the kids have frowns. The genuine experience is baffling...because people are just happy over here...and tapping into that and seeing how FAKE Americans

I've learned that my complexity is immensely greater than what I thought. As I sat and attempted to tell my uncle about how much shit I went through last year - and told him how I just recently found something I wrote when I was 18 in my high school planner. The question was asked, where do you see yourself in 7 years. I envisioned myself to have graduated from Law School, with a Range Rover, living in View Park - and having published a book by the time I was 25. And he got up and walked off...telling me he was going to buy something. And maybe he just chalked it up as me being high...but I am more able to freely express myself when I am on that Amsterdam!!!! After he walked off I realized that I had two of those things done already...and if I worked a little harder all of the things that I ever wanted would come to pass because two of them had all ready been done.

For a moment I felt like fact I did, to myself - but a tear didn't fall. I just acknowledged what a blessing it was to be in my position and how all the stuff I had been through really didn't matter, because I made it through and even though my mom told me I wasn't going to be shit and no one supports my dreams, I didn't give up. And even though they told me no, GOD gave me a power to keep going and placed people in my path to still say yes. I just realized that everyone doesn't keep going. Somewhere they stop and get stuck, I never let that happen and I won't.

Also, make sure you visit my Blog Talk Radio Page, I'll be hosting Witty Wednesday live from Europe at 10 A.M. PST/1 P.M. EST...You’ll be able to call in as well. If you don't hear it live you can catch the

P.S. I don’t have your email saved on my laptop, so email me. I should be back before March 3rd! And you owe me dinner to. While in Germany eat at Habeneros


No Concept.... anyone who reads this, allegedly people still read this...

But I am in Europe. Amsterdam to be exact. I am getting ready to leave in shortly, but there is so much on my mind it is going to take me a minute to process it all to be able to fully understand whats going on. You know how you're aware of something or some things - and you know there is a greater meaning and in that meaning you have to be silent just to find out what it all means? That's where I am at right now. I am sure that it will all come together during my three hour trek to the next country...But I'm well. This is exciting and of all the places that I'd ever be, I'd never thought that I'd be touring Europe. Very humbling this whole experience is...and I've only been here a few days. That flight was a muthafucka though! lol...

We'll talk more about it later...


Friday Finale 02.01.08

Trent talks his neighbor, Barack Obama, People and of course..."The Takedown"