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Something That I need To Say Outloud.

It dawned on me when I went looking for a trash bag...I am way too hard on people.


dancehard said...

Could it be possible that you think you are too hard on people because you consistently stick out your neck for others and expect a high degree of reciprocity? While that is the way it's SUPPOSED to go, it doesn't happen that way all the time.

This is a lesson I'm learning my own self. People are fallable...they fuck up, they disappoint, some don't value your gratitude, they occasionally throw shade, some are selfish or morbidly self-serving, some can be stingy with their time and energy, and a whole lot of people just don't give a shit. About you or themselves.

This is unavoidable. There are very few people in this life, if any, that will live up to your full expectations 100% of the time. I've learned that in many instances, you have to take people as they are and decide if and how you are going to deal with them. Positive breakthroughs of character are not uncommon, and should be thought of as a blessing. They are a sign of growth.

It's an interesting balance to play. Challenging people to be better is definitely the role of a friend, family member or advocate, but demanding perfection from others on your terms or your perceptions is foolhardy, especially if at the end of the day you're the one that gets pissed off or feels slighted because people disappointed you.

That is why having a filter is so important. There are some people that while fallable, still enhance your life and affirm your well-being. These people you can put up with and learn to love and and respect despite their shortcomings. Then there are others that serve very few of your best interests and basically are there to take, take, take and drain your spirit. These are the ones that should be either contained, restricted, or just eliminated from your life. Permanently. These are the ones that will most likely disappoint you, so why deal with them?

You are on the road to a recovery that at this moment might be saving your life my friend. Explore, engage, and make those decisions for yourself and move FORWARD. Hopefully my words offer you some insight. As I told you, I'm a work in process myself.

Trent Jackson said...

Things that I know...
things that I speak...
things that I tell others...
don't register until you get them back.