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i jump to step 5 when I should stay
waiting patiently at 1.

who i've become.

experiencing the pain.

i haven't been answering.

what I've been doing.

at the joys of life.

to the expressed thoughts of the forsaken.

we spent time.

what I did before you showed up to my house.

I have to admit that It's always good seeing him. just friends. i secretly think that I'm the one for him. Although he gets on my nerves sometimes...with his rhetoric, I can tune that out and enjoy him for him. The electricity that shoots through my body when he gets near me...

we walked in.
i smiled at him sitting.
pleasantries exchanged.
atmosphere taken in.

I enjoyed the time...cause I miss it so much.
It reminds me of the time before my life became complex.
when i knew the balance with my friends.

i sat.
you came up.
A subtle brisk wind sparked the inside of my soul.
there was something there...

we both knew it. but didn't know how to express it.
i never know how to react.
i know how to go after what I want, but when it comes to relationships...and breaking the ice...

igniting a slow burning fire of curiosity as our eyes met.
A flashing smile
a light
but keen interest was slowly unveiled leaving me questioning thoughts in limbo

Passion was intense.
Just as meek as your demeanor.
But just as strong as your silent communication
that made them oblivious but not really to what was going on.
Slowly picking up on the things that went on behind the scenes…
I found your myspace page…now what.

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