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Would Yall Please Get Yall Pastor!!!!


kennyking78 said...

Wow, did he say, "...poke piss out of a boot?"

Talk about being, not only, rude, but sooooooo prideful! He is our (black men) last hope? I guess we are doomed!

Promiscuous X said...

What a clip. I mean he looks dead serious too. He talking about Obama and everybody know Obama had nothing to do with that girl doing that Video. That is not Obama style to be tactless. Thanks for sharing Trent. I'm mad he was trying to guess her bra size lol too halarious.

dancehard said...

LMAO!!! Get into the lighter skinned young guy standing in the choir stand...he is trying hella hard not to start cracking up!! This guy is a JOKE!!!

And what kind of man of God spends his time estimating the cup size of a 'white woman's tits!" OOO-BAAMMA!!!

And why in the hezzy does he keep calling him a long-legged pimp? that sounds a bit....hooww uuu dooin???

A hot ass mess. Where's my Kleenex.