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The Final Act

Press Play First...

The Final Act:

I knew my lines. Verbatim.
Stage cues,
Lighting cues,
Markers set.
I was in the role of my life.
The caring friend,
That turned into the caring boyfriend
That turned into the good man scorned
That turned into the never existed.

My heart,
I said wouldn’t give you a second chance
But here we stand on the brink of the 4th go round and I jumped
Right before it happened, Déjà vu I’ve been here before.

My Mind,
It hates you for all that you’ve done.
Mislead me with you lies,
I treated you like a prize
Played the fool one too many times
Too many times, I’ve been my own demise.

In you stroll,
Smug and meek.
Humble, pretending to be.
Glass half empty
Glass half full,
I see you for the weak bitch you are

I needed you when I operated out of insecurity.
You are what you attract is true.
But I’ve moved on
I’ve made up my mind
I’ve got to get it right this time.

Right for me.
Not for you – not some lame ass “this time lets make it right.”
What about the other times, where you did and said the same thing.
You were doing the same thing when I met you,
You were doing the same thing when I left you,
And guess what, when I saw your ass again you were doing what…

The only thing that has changed is time
I’m not falling victim to hope again…
some false intention followed by a false hope
Stupidity doesn’t have an age.
But it does have a limit.
The limit surpasses you,
But stops at me.

I’ve got to go.
I’ve been here for one night only.
I’ve been the understudy.
I’ve extended my stay.
Now it is time for me to bow.
Dignity, Respect, Confidence in tow.
The curtain has fall down.
The lights are on…

And I,
The co-star to you show…
The one that you need to make it,
Is no where to be found.
No longer around,
To make you the star.

I’m Done.

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