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Late Nights with Don Julio

How many of us can say that they’ve been able to articulate...
The feelings, emotions, the appreciation that they have for someone who has inspired them to be who they are.

A brisk breeze blew over the open air forum.
The heat that bounced off empty and full vessles, swelled to an uncomfortable existence, that led us to that point.

Sometimes there is nothing to say.
Sometimes silence says it all.
A conversation with him made it all better.
An admiration that extends past my own understanding
Let me know that just like him, I would be okay…
Cause I’m a sure boy with an open heart…
Down to finish what I start,
Can’t nobody change my tune…

Cutting the strings that kept us tangled, had to be cut.
Understanding my place not only in my life, but his.

Sometimes eye contact says what we need to.
Make the lasting impression and disappear.
The bearded lady appeared again.
I loved her…infatuated.
There is something there, but timing is important.

He ended the night and told me,
"Sometimes we are just parodies in our own existence."

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