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smoke signals forever vaporized by the force that induced life through my body.
a mission full of twists, turns, heartaches and pain...
only to be leveled and restored by the faith that he always believes in.
the faith that keeps him grounded.

a conversation with a friend
most know as a famous face,
calmed him like a peaceful brisk fall wind that
always and only came when the timing was right.

optimistic to the maxed
i walked in confident
not bothered
by them...

he called his name
and he answered to it.
his eyes lit up bright.
the same eyes that i knew once before
the same eyes that i fell in love with...but not this time
for once, I wasn't caught up.
I was secure in who I was and I knew that he couldn't provide that for me.

conversation was light
but demanding.
but there was always time for a smile

familiar faces seen again.
just like that blowing of the familiar wind.
positivity runs through my veins
as my fame rose to the name of the game.

we exchanged laughs
i let go of the past
and realized that it wasn't our place in time

but this time the time is right.

i missed them
and I saw things for what they were
all because he bought me
that shot of patron.

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