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Hi, it's me again.

I've always operated my own way, but I haven't always stayed in my lane. I've always had a good grasp or a firm idea of who I am - This time I know.

So, here is the deal. I love myself. And in loving myself, I have control over who I allow to be apart of my life. For so many years I allowed and trusted the wrong people to be apart of what I was doing instead of celebrating who I was.

I remember Larry once asked me, "Why do you care about what other people think?"
I answered incorrectly – and he knew it. But, it was the very early start of what was to come.

Sometimes you have to let people go. Let them do them…because you've told them until you're blue in the face – and they still keep doing the same shit. Hopefully, they get it and if they do, you'll notice the difference and you'll let them back in.

Last night I got a disturbing phone call, from someone who I held in a high regard. He, in what he thought or what he thought he was trying to pass off as concerning phone call, was nothing more than a nosey call to see what state I am in. First he asked, "Are you going through one of your Trent Jackson phases, where you go through something and come out better?" I'm a real person, and I always go through shit and come out better, that's the story of my life. But I am not going through shit. I'm just allowing God to do his work...and that means to push yourself to the side.

Like, I think people know if I am silent, they should be worried…but shouldn't. I am focused on me. Period. I don't have to and will not answer to anyone about what I am doing. And the nerve of him to add "There wasn't enough information on your blog." I'm personal, but I am not. Just because I share myself openly, doesn't mean I tell everything I know. And not only that, get into my first paragraph. There you will usually find the summary. In the ending you will see the next move. Learn how to read between the lines and use your brain. Too many muthafuckas look for the obvious and blur the lines way too much. So since your nosey, use your brain to figure out the deal.

While I have "pulled back" or "cut off" people, I know the truth – and if people were more honest about the part they played they wouldn't worry about me not speaking to them. So if you're reading this and you I am not fucking with you, know why, think about it, it will come to you. If you recognize what's really going on, I thank you, I respect you and thank you for allowing me to go through my process, whatever that maybe.

I am going into the studio tonight.

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