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New Music Tuesday

Anyone who has paid attention to pop music in the last decade knows that Mariah Carey, the prissiest if not the most pink and pseudo-glamorous of the Divas has felt many emotions. She’s daydreamed while listening to her music box. She’s sprinkled glitter from her hands, while bathing in honey, making it a sweet fantasy. She dangled her Charmbracelet under the rainbow in hopes to be emancipated and fly like a butterfly…or a bird, depending on which spell she was singing that day.

We watched in excitement and confusion as her adventures of Mimi came to an end. But when the show was done, she came out a damn mad scientist, telling us E=MC2

E=MC2 the second album, abandoning her trademark, one word fluffy, joyful album titles is hot off the presses and ready for consumption…but I almost feel like I’ve been hoodwinked…maybe it’s just the first listen that has me feeling that way?

In Mariah’s case, if you really want to be honest, has undoubtedly remained one of the most consistent pop artists of the last decade. I remember the period in time where Mariah put out an album every year for 10 years straight…not to mention her infusion of pop and hip hop was genius, if not daring. But I am thinking that real black artist done it before her…but I can’t put my finger on it…

One thing that I enjoy most about Mariah is her ability to change up her style (slightly), but not enough to throw us off and make us uninterested in her mysterious, goofy, grand aloof style. There is no doubt that the chick can sing, but over the last few years all the work that she put in to get to where is today, has kinda caught up with her (vocally).

E=MC2 is the same formula that we’ve seen before…but it works for her (kinda). Many other artists that keep the same formula aren’t really successful in maintaining their mojo (Janet primarily, Beyonce take notes). But one thing that always works is J.D. giving a hot beat (Janet understand the difference between business and pleasure. Toni I hear you’re back in the studio, leave Keri to care for Diesel and Denim), Mariah belting out a now auto-tuned and pro-tooled high note, because it’s obvious that she hasn’t taken care of her voice as well as she thinks…or what she wants us to believe.

While the vocals aren’t the best…they aren’t the worst either, but I think this maybe one of those things that changes up her style. We know she can sing and hang with vocal greats, but in todays market, people can't sing. Our ears are not in tune to what a real singer sounds like. We've been tricked into getting accustomed to Autotune, something that didn't exist when Mariah first came onto the scene. Lyrically Mariah always provides a good laugh when she’s reading people or vaguely if not evasively talking about her life. Most of the hooks are catchy…memorable and overall make the CD what it really is.

Overall, three maybe four of these tracks are new, the rest are leftovers from the Emancipation party. But Mariah, girl…we know you are in tight with all of the rappers and all like that, but we want to hear you, not T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Damien Marley and J.D. off up and through the song. P.S. I am also a little irritated that you’re asking or telling someone to touch your body, you’re 40 years old…

Favorite Tracks:

I’m That Chick, it’s a medium bass over a hot 80’s beat that reminds us of a rooftop party in the summer, (think Patrice Rushen Forget Me Nots) when R&B music was hot and we danced like there was no care in the world. It’s a feel good track that makes everyone thinks that “We’re that flavor like ice-cream.

I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time, is a fresh bouncy, groove beat that is sure to serve it’s purpose to the radio. It’s a song that’s good for starting out your day…especially when you’re in liking (love is too strong for most) and you’re spending time with that special person…or if you’re single like me, it makes you think about being in love.

O.O.C., reminds me of a song that you would play during the summer, windows down…song blaring acting Out Of Control…

For The Record, First of all, this is the song from her commercial that was in heavy rotation during the winter season. And I am so glad that she turned it into a full song! It’s simply telling him or her that they’re really at fault…so don’t get it twisted

Bye Bye, Classic Mariah, it’s like Emancipation of Mimi Revisited, but a little too soon, reminds me of “Don’t Forget about Us,” and oddly enough, I don’t think it’s a strong single, but it could be one of those last songs that she makes a video for.

I Wish You Well, Reminds me of Emotions, “Key To My Heart” but I love Mariah for always adding one of those songs that is piano based that just makes you sit back and think…after you’ve had all the fun, you still have to face the fact that reality still exist and you have to deal with it. She deals with it here. It’s important to get the message here and put the messenger aside…And a great way to close out a SOLID CD and place the TRENT JACKSON STAMP of approval across the front cover.

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