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It’s been a minute since I’ve been around. I’ve kinda been doing my own thing, on hiatus, thinking… No depression or anything like that, just thinking and spending time with myself. Which I think is imperative. Sometimes when you celebrate who you are, you can’t share yourself willing like you once did, so you kinda just back up for a minute.

I was just thinking how music really impacts my existence and how sometimes I can’t find the right words that say anything but I can put on a song that will speak to my situation. Music can really sooth anything that’s been going wrong with you…

I’ve been working on this post, before my self sponsored sabbatical took place. But it all started out as a Myspace bulletin that really made me think about how music really impacts me.

So if my life were a movie…this would be the soundtrack.

Check it out…

Opening credits:
"Sure Boy" by Rahsaan Patterson.
This song just kinda sums up my life, the person I am and who I want to become. It's a constant reminder that long as I stay on track and do the things that make me happy - I will continue to be the greatest and best that I was destined to be.

Waking up:
"Hopeless" by Dionne Farris.
The opening line, "Hello Morning..." should be enough. But it's a beautiful track and the lyrics are even better. It's a simple song - that reminds us that we all wake up the same...and how we're all one step away from the complexities of life. And it's really up to us to decide whether or not we are going to be stuck in our present situations and remain hopeless or will we prevail and be victors...

Average day:
“One of Those Days” by Whitney Houston
I truly love this song. It’s all about celebrating yourself and doing what you want to do. No matter how hectic life is getting or is going, take joy in the sun, the birds, having a car, riding the bus…don’t take anything for granted, roll with the punches and enjoy life – it really helps me keep a positive perspective.

First date:
"Funny How Time Flies (When you’re having Fun)" by Janet Jackson.
It's the perfect song for ending a great date...and it's a sure filler that there will be a second date...because there is something there that is tugging you to stay, but know you want to saver that moment and have it if you want to be a hoe, the song sets that up for you too.

Falling in love:
"So into You" by Tamia
OMG!!! I LOVE THIS SONG! Even when I am not in love, it's a great song to throw on to make you feel like you're in love. It's the perfect backdrop for romance, it's a free, easy feel good song that just talks about all the stages of being love, all the things you say, do and think when love is fresh and new...

Love scene:
This is really hard, because I love sex songs...but there are so many songs that aren't sex oriented that make you want to get it on...there are so many sex songs to choose from, but the one I would pick is "Anatomy 1 on 1" by Mya. It's perfect - it takes you through all of the silent conversations you have before you have sex, it takes you into the 4 play...the climax then after all of's hot.

Fight scene:
"Ring the Alarm" by. Beyonce.
This song gives so much attitude and makes you want to fight...and it’s kinda egging someone on like “bitch you know you gonna get fucked up right?”

Breaking up:
“It’s Alright now” by Rahsaan Patterson
I don’t think Rahsaan really knows how he got me through a lot of shit…but this song really made me tap into my own strength and realize how much I’m really worth. But the person he describes in the song is…like we were dating the same idiot. But the song is like, you realize what’s going on, you admit it to yourself and you are mad, but you’re okay with the aftermath and you’re like you know…it’s about me – fuck over extending myself for a muthafucka that doesn’t even love and respect himself enough to realize what they had in front of them.

Getting back together:
"Spend the night." by Rahsaan Patterson
....he opens the song, "I can't believe this is happening..." and it's perfect, because you say all of the crazy things about a person when you breakup with them, then next thing you know they are spending the night!!! And it's the perfect for make up sex…not that I’ve done it or anything.

Secret love:
"Secret Rendezvous" by Karyn White.
First of all, if you know Karyn or see her, tell her to Myspace me - she and I should talk. I mean the title says it all....and I love a 90's R&B Throw back!!

Life’s okay:
"The Day" by Rahsaan Patterson.
This is just a feel good song...the bass is right, the drums are right - It makes me want to roll down all of my windows and bump!!! The song itself describes the average day and problems for most. But to me the song is just about moving on and progressing. We all go through things that test us - but the flip side of that there is a day in all of our lives when everything is going right and we should find the beauty and joy in both cause in order to really appreciate life we have to learn the lesson in the bad times and really revel in the calm moments when life is chill and nothing is going on.

Mental breakdown:
“You” by Janet Jackson.
It’s off of the Velvet Rope CD…it’s a real funky song. Funky bass line and Janet is in a low tone and you have to really listen to what she is saying. It’s really a dagger through your heart when you hear it, because it makes you realize how fucked up you are in being fucked up…but it’s also about Janet. Although she’s reserved – she’s really not. And she tells you in the song, that she’s human and she wakes up with the same shit we do…

"Better Than Making Love" by Chante Moore
This song is sick, Jimmy & Terry need to be beat down for making a song this phenomenal!!! It's just a great feel good song and it talks about being in love...but the music...put this song on repeat a few times on your way to Vegas....

Learning a lesson:
"When Your Life Was Low" by Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway
“Always remember my friend, the world will change again. And you may have to come back, from everywhere you’ve been.” Always make a clean break. Because the same people you cross on your way up, will be the same people you cross on your way back down – and you’ll always be reminded of what you did, how you treated someone, or what you said. So it’s important to treat everyone with respect. And if you’re disrespected by someone, just know that your blessings will be greater…

Deep thought:
“Co-Stars by Joi w/Whild Peach and Heroine)”
It stops you…and reminds you who is really in control of life…

“Mercedes Boy” by Pebbles
I know…I am crazy. But this song was hot! And the radio version was the best, when you can actually hear what the old Mercedes Benz’s use to sound like back in the day, and then they cut up Pebbles vocal ….”Mercedes…Muh-Muh-Muh-Muh-Mercedes...” But anything for the 90’s R&B I’ll take…

"We Go Deep" by Janet Jackson
One thing I love about Janet is that she samples the right songs with the bass lines that make you move. This song is about having fun with your friends, hanging out and having a good time. I’m not big on dancing…so this is the right kinda groove song to get you in the mood for the club…or a Friday night outing. It’s fun...

Happy dance:
“Walk It Out” by Unk
I love this song…It’s kinda like you just let everything go and act crazy and silly. It’s a good stress reliever too.

“Got ‘til it’s Gone” by Janet Jackson
It’s simple…you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. You wish you would have taken better care, paid more attention and showed appreciation when that particular person or thing was in your life. You always end up sitting somewhere saying shoulda, woulda, coulda…but this song reminds you of that, but it keeps it light.

Long night alone:
“Any Time, Any Place” by Janet Jackson
For some reason I feel very sexy when I’m alone…lol, but I love the live version of this song. It’s like Janet is singing!!! Like she was on “Again” in 93! But it just gets me into me…I can explore my sensual side, who I am unedited…it’s a good song to chill to.

Closing credits:
“Memory Lane” by Minnie Riperton
It fits…it’s kinda a summary of life, we think about all the moments that brought us to the point where past experiences become an after thought and how all of that ties into love…

what would yours be...?

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Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

To boost my self esteem/ to wake up I have to play Trina's the Baddest Bitch every morning. It's something about that song that does it for me. It gives me the extra jolt that I need!