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Thinking Out Loud.

Hi, it’s me again. I am slowly starting to be social. I am very limited on what comes out of my mouth these days. I’ve had idle conversation long enough. I only speak when I think I should say something productive…or some synthetic form of it.

The morning didn’t start messed up. My body wash is amazing!!! It truly wakes you up in the morning and I think you should try it. When I first started my addiction, I was using two bottles a week! And my friend thought I was nuts, but she didn’t understand what she was missing! I was taking showers for no reason at all…And can I just say that I listen to a CD in the house first…to decide whether I play it in the car to decide if I want to play it in the shower. Do you get it? So anyway I was fine up until I picked up my white shirt, I was going to wear my black slacks, white shirt, and this tie with this black and white intricate design…a very hot tie. I think I may take a picture of it and show it to you.

It was going to go perfect with the hair, jewelry, Al B! Sure and the whole 9!
Then I get outside and I realize that the damn cleaners stained up the fuckin’ shirt with whatever washing solution or whatever they do to sanitize the shirt of stains and sweat, so now I have to argue with the pakistanian man about getting a replacement. Dumb fuck. I am really gonna stop fuckin’ with him.

So last night I made this phenomenal salad with grilled chicken breast…and I made it for lunch for today. This morning I get in my car and I put in Mariah’s CD. The tracks I elected as favorites are complete bangers. But you know as I listen to it, I expect Mariah to be singing the way she is. She’s grown up, she is a full fledged woman, she is not gonna be belting out notes no more…she has like a mature sound that I like. She is just simply singing the song – but still, the tracks I like are bangers in the car, so you know what that means.

Can someone please tell Hillary to sit down and bow out like the graceful republican butch queen that she is? I mean she can retreat back to whatever basement leather bar with the pink light on the outside that she wants to, Bill can go back to getting his dick sucked by Keisha from Harlem and the world can finally reap the benefits of the good life. If you notice minorities are always called in to clean up the mistakes of the privileged echelon of society.

I really need to get over myself sometimes and realize that situations maybe fucked up, but that’s GOD keeping you out of the madness. Like in a weird way, I felt really excluded about something that I wanted to be apart of. But, some of the people involved I don’t really like and I don’t want to be around them. So it didn’t happen…but I realized something. Certain people only come around when there is something going on…others are there when the chips are down when no one else is around. And I am okay with knowing which person makes the difference...

And after all of that, I realized that I left my lunch, my money, my wallet and my water bottle at home, in the guest area. How the fuck can I slip…nigga I got the munchies severe. I really need to get my life in order…lol. I completely dropped the ball, but I am good a catching things before they break. Sometimes we are parodies in our own existence.

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