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Friday Finale 05.02.08

Trent talks about other authors, myspace, a few things he has to get off his chest and he interviews Dwight O'neal, Executive director of Christopher Street the Series as he promotes his new music single, "Popparazzi Rant"


NYC Socialite said...

Yall are funny! The music and the conversation were both equally excellent.

My first time listening and I'll be back for more!

And to think people kept me from listening

Anonymous said...

This is some bull ish.. so random, so stupid, so full of yourself. No wonder I have never heard of you and will continue to act as if I never have...

Diego said...

Ok, Trent, you know I've been a big supporter from the beginning (and I'm not even black lol). You are doing what NO ONE else is doing and give gay men such a BIG support system and sense of commonality, but please:

1. Try not to over-use the expression "at the end of the day" (at times you say it 38 times per show)

2. Stick to the dramatic, foul-mouther, unapologetic, raw, witty, pithy discourse, NOT the self-help Oprah type diatribe.

3. Your own self-agrandizing is delicious to hear, but call on other people's (i.e. Dwight's). Boo boo, it's not yet time to complain about "Fame", when it hasn't arrived. However, his single is surprisingly HOT. And he is looking fierce. Just check the "oh I'm so famous" attitude at the door. unless you are Trent Jackson.