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sometimes, i just have to laugh at the people that Lucifer is working through to block my luminous presence. I just do...

It's really not my fault that I want more. I get more. And I excel at everything I do. In my mind we are all on the same playing field...some of us lack real work ethic and expect for everything to fall into our laps without hard work, but then we have the nerve to get mad at the next person because they work hard and get results.

am I a friend or foe? I'd like to think I know...

sometimes i feel like I am too upfront...even if I mellow my words out to be less offensive and more constructive...but I still find in that people can't handle even thinking differently.

i believe in respect. if you respect me enough to hand me your number and say call you...and I do, then you act infantile and then you see me three days later in person and I ignore you, just as you did me, does that make either one of us wrong?

shall I reach into my bag of tricks, for anything I might have
missed, left over from a painful past?

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