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Introducing The Monday Memo

Trent gives you a thoughtful boost to start off your week.


Diego said...

Also. At times I feel like you, probably unconsciously, assume your audience is all black gays. And I feel left out when you say something that points to that. IT's like making the same linguistic/ideological mistakes that white-centrinc, hetero-normative society does (even if not exactly "on purpose"). Please ackknowlodge the non-blacks too, we are people too!

Diego said...

I LOOOVe it when you start the show by saying nothing, just being totally flustered on the mic, it's so "fly-on-the wall", slice of life, amazing. So natural. And I love it when you swear, like you say "bitch" , and the "n word" and "motherfucker" and "Fags" and all that. It's so real.
I work out listening to ur podcast every day. I play it for my boyfriend Kingsley too, but he's a top so he doesn't really get it. "So what is this? Oh, that guy again? "