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New Music Tuesday

One thing I can count on for sure is a veteran artist dumbing down their abilities to fit into today's music market, which I find nothing wrong with, unless you turn down the lights so low we forgot that you were even standing there, let alone singing. I think in all fairness, me and a hand few of other music lovers are waiting on the industry to return to the late 80's early to mid 90's when music was fun, thought provoking and classic.
Usher returns post marriage and baby to let us know where he stands: matured and madly in love.

His new "hit" Love In This Club, which I wasn't and still not completely sold on - but I am sold on his new CD. Usher provides a nice mix of R&B dance tracks that I doubt will become classics and a cluster of mid-tempo tracks that are more than radio friendly with the cross over appeal that Usher achieved with his '8701' disc.

While Usher experiments with the 80's inspired R&B tracks better than anyone who has been playing around with the revamped sound, there is a little something off (vocally) about this CD...but it isn't enough to make you want to turn and it doesn't obstruct the enjoyment factor of the new music. The set is definitely a banger, not a complete play through but enough consistency that Usher brought his last three albums (My Way, 8701, Confessions) It almost seems as if that he just went into the studio and had fun, but that also means that he really didn't connect to what he was singing, not that he didn't mean it, but the emotional capability when Usher sings (Can You Help Me, Slow Jam, Confessions) just wasn't there this time around, one may think that he was on American Idol 'playing it safe.'

Standout Tracks: This Ain't Sex, Trading Places, Whats Your Name, Something Special, Lifetime

The CD is great but it's predictable nothing new or uncovered about Usher as an artist. But It's definitely worth buying. It's a great groove CD.

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